Junagadh Incident Suspect Taral Bhatt Arrested by ATS: Counterterrorism Agency Investigates

In Junagadh, the Gujarat Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) has made an apprehension in connection to the recent incident. Taral Bhatt, who served as a Circle Police Inspector in Junagadh, was called in for questioning regarding the freezing of a complainant’s account, a duty within his purview. It was reported that he met with other police personnel to discuss the freezing, leading to a complaint filed against him. Notably, the agency’s role is pivotal in swiftly addressing terrorist threats, and it is actively involved in investigating the Junagadh incident case.

Arrest of Taral Bhatt from Ahmedabad

Following a controversial turn of events, the Gujarat Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) has been tasked with investigating the entire matter. The claim by the Gujarat ATS is that the arrest of Taral Bhatt from Ahmedabad has been carried out. On the other hand, some noteworthy individuals close to Taral Bhatt had visited the ATS a day prior, as per sources privy to the matter. 

They reportedly met with the ATS to discuss data related to the Call Center Mafia and the Madhupura Gambling Incident. Thus, there is also discussion regarding Taral Bhatt’s presence during that time. As the ATS proceeds with further investigation, all eyes are on the direction in which their scrutiny will lead.

Investigation into Data Acquisition Methods in the Account Freeze Case

Following the freezing of an individual’s account in Junagadh, details of the associated breaches have been intermittently surfacing. On the other hand, Taral Bhatt has been implicated in this case, labeled as both a cyber expert and a kingpin of call centers. It is purported that a significant portion of the data, including details concerning how it was obtained, has been linked to individuals close to him.

Vishal Pandya’s Presence at ATS a Day Before Taral Bhatt’s Arrest

A day before Taral Bhatt’s apprehension by the ATS, Vishal Pandya had visited the ATS premises. At the time when Taral Bhatt was under investigation for the Madhupura gambling incident, he was accompanied by a person named Vishal, who is known for data analysis. According to available information, they had obtained details of the account during that period, but it remains unclear who had provided them with this information. Sources reveal that Vishal Pandya’s visit to the ATS occurred a day prior to Taral Bhatt’s arrest, and discussions surrounding Taral Bhatt’s apprehension are ongoing in light of these developments.

Special Investigation of the Junagadh Incident Undertaken by Government-Appointed ATS

The resonance of the Junagadh incident reverberated up to the government, prompting government intervention and subsequent lodging of complaints. Presently, the investigation of this case is being meticulously handled by the specialized and government-appointed Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS). Known for its mandate of counterterrorism, the agency has now taken charge of probing this particular incident. With Taral Bhatt’s presence in the investigation, the direction of the probe is currently under scrutiny, awaiting further developments.

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