Kandla Port Hit by Setback: Loss of First Rank, 5% Cargo Decline

The various projects underway at Kandla Port for a prolonged period are now beginning to show their effects. According to the financial year 2023-24 data released by the Indian Ports Association, from April to December 2023, out of the country’s 12 major ports, 11 have witnessed an increase in cargo handling. 

However, Kandla Port stands out with a 5% decline in cargo compared to the previous year, slipping from its first position to third. Meanwhile, Paradip Port is currently leading in cargo handling. Paradip has handled approximately 7 million metric tons more cargo than Kandla, indicating a notable surge in its operations compared to the previous year.

New Achievements in Cargo Handling at Kutch’s Private Port

On one side, the private port in Kutch is achieving new milestones in success and cargo handling. Conversely, due to bureaucratic hurdles, Kandla Port is consistently losing cargo. Several projects at the port have been lingering for years. Until December, Kandla Port handled 98.66 million metric tons of cargo.

Significant Changes in Cargo Handling: Paradip Port Takes the Lead

The latest figures reveal a notable decrease of 5.53% compared to the previous year’s 100.44 million metric tons of cargo. Surprisingly, Paradip Port has now claimed the top spot, handling 100 million metric tons of cargo by December of the current fiscal year. On the eastern coast of India, Odisha’s port has marked a remarkable increase from last year’s 96 million metric tons of cargo handling to 9% growth this year. 

Moreover, the noteworthy fact is that out of India’s 12 major ports, 11 have shown an increase in cargo handling. The decline in cargo handling at Kandla Port remains concerning amidst these developments.

Cargo Handling at Major Ports in India as of December

PortCargo Handling 2022 (Million Metric Tons)Cargo Handling 2023 (Million Metric Tons)Difference (%)
Kamrajar Port32.633.442.59
V. O. Chidambaranar27.7130.39.34
New Mangalore29.9333.1210.67

These figures depict the cargo handling statistics at major ports across India up to December. The data reveals significant variations in cargo handling volumes compared to the previous year, with some ports experiencing substantial growth while others facing declines.

Reasons Behind Capacity Changes: Paradip’s Growth and Kandla’s Stagnation

The capacity increase at Paradip Port to 289 million metric tons from 259 million metric tons in 2020-21 is a notable development reported in the Lok Sabha session in December 2023 by the Central Shipping Minister. Conversely, Kandla Port’s capacity rose from 267.10 million metric tons to 269.10 million metric tons in the same period. Despite the capacity augmentation, Kandla Port’s capacity remains stagnant. It is noteworthy that Paradip Port has actively enhanced its capacity, while Kandla Port has shown minimal growth. 

This disparity underscores Paradip’s proactive measures in expanding its capacity, whereas Kandla Port has experienced stagnation in its expansion efforts.

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