Madhupura’s 1400 Cr Scandal: PI Taral Bhatt & 3 Others Involved in Riverfront Money Deal from Sri Lanka to Dubai, Bangkok

In Gujarat, discussions persist regarding alleged misconduct involving police inspectors and other law enforcement personnel. Central to these discussions is the ongoing investigation by the State Monitoring Cell (SMC) into a staggering Rs. 1400 crore gambling racket in Madhupura, with the support of the State Police Department. Notably, the probe, highlighted for its focus on anti-corruption efforts, has identified additional police personnel, including individuals named Tushar, Naushad, and Himmat Singh.

Furthermore, emerging details reveal that during a currency exchange, an IB police officer facilitated a settlement among individuals who had come to acquire rupees. According to sources close to the matter, the entirety of the Madhupura gambling affair transpired outside the Ahmedabad City Police Commissioner’s office and along the riverfront, involving a substantial deal worth Rs. 40 million. Of this sum, Rs. 15 million was reportedly returned.

In essence, the police’s involvement in a Rs. 55 million deal raises pertinent questions, especially considering the revealed identities of the bookies who have been traced to destinations including Sri Lanka, Dubai, and Bangkok. As the investigation progresses, stakeholders anticipate further revelations and hope for transparency and accountability in addressing potential irregularities within law enforcement circles.

Himmat Singh was involved with PI Taral Bhatt (file photo of Taral Bhatt).

The Untold Story of Himmat Singh, Once a Dabba Trading King

In the realm of high-stakes dealings, the absence of caution can unravel a person’s fortune swiftly, especially in the allure of gambling. Ahmedabad, once familiar with the lyrical verses of the poet Taral Bhatt, now finds itself entangled in the intricate web of the Madhupura gambling scandal, as revealed within reports from the State Monitoring Cell (SMC).

Amidst these revelations, emerges the name of Himmat Singh, a police officer, purportedly involved in orchestrating settlements for the gambling syndicate. Known in the city as a kingpin of Dabba trading, Singh’s alleged association with the gambling underworld comes as a surprise to many.

The narrative unravels further as it unveils the involvement of two key players, formerly prominent in the PCIB: individuals who once held significant sums of rupees but have since disappeared from the Indian scene.

Rs. 20 Lakhs Taken Outside CP Office: SMC Sources Unveil

Rs. 20 Lakhs Taken Outside CP Office: SMC Sources Unveil

According to sources within the State Monitoring Cell (SMC), a report suggests that an unprecedented incident occurred outside the Commissioner of Police (CP) office in Ahmedabad. Allegedly, an amount of Rs. 20 lakhs was exchanged outside the CP office located in Shahibaug, while another Rs. 20 lakhs was transacted near the Riverfront.

Sources further reveal that some of the funds were intended to be delivered to the residence of a senior official. However, as the pressure intensified, the money was returned. It’s reported that a senior police officer refused to be associated with these individuals and their transactions, distancing themselves from the entire racket.

SMC Launches Probe Two Months Later: Unearths Financial Irregularities

Two months following the initiation of the investigation, the State Monitoring Cell (SMC) delved into a series of bank accounts under the pretext of the CNA. Numerous individuals were summoned, primarily those with the highest call frequency based on the CNA data, to account for their sudden influx of funds.

The investigation revealed a network where Taral Bhatt and his associates were central figures. Driven by the allure of their gambling empire, these individuals began soliciting funds from various sources. However, dissent arose when a senior official voiced opposition, leading to the exposure of the entire racket.

After two months of dormancy, the SMC reignited its investigation into the sprawling financial irregularities that had ensnared the city in a web of deceit and manipulation.

Riverfront Currency Deals Escape CCTV Surveillance: Police Officers Under Scrutiny

Riverfront Currency Deals Escape CCTV Surveillance: Police Officers Under Scrutiny

According to insider sources cited in the SMC report, during the period under investigation, police officers engaged in currency transactions at various locations without being monitored by CCTV cameras. The report confirms that officers conducted deals involving money at separate locations, including outside the Police Commissioner’s office and along the riverfront.

Unfortunately, due to a lapse in surveillance, these transactions were not captured on CCTV. However, there remains a possibility that officers involved in illicit activities may have tampered with evidence. Consequently, the Anti-Corruption Bureau has been tasked with conducting an investigation to hold accountable those within the state police force suspected of wrongdoing.

Two men known to transfer PI

Transfer of PI Positions Linked to Currency Allegations

Apart from the revelations in the SMC report, insider sources within the police headquarters disclosed that investigations into illicit financial activities prompted the transfer of two individuals in Ahmedabad’s police inspectorate. These transfers were associated with currency dealings, resulting in financial losses for several police inspectors.

Allegedly, police inspectors were involved in facilitating the transfer of money, with some even organizing transactions directly involving the police inspector. The involvement of numerous police inspectors in such dealings led to discontent among several law enforcement officers. The surge in financial gains and influence due to currency transactions prompted some individuals to purchase assets under their own and others’ names.

Moreover, it has come to light that Taral Bhatt, formerly associated with the Crime Branch and known for his involvement in vehicle-related offenses, had also purchased assets under the names of criminals.

Discussion Arises Over Million Rupee Postings

Discussion Arises Over Million Rupee Postings

The recent upheaval within Ahmedabad’s city administration has sparked discussions regarding alleged transactions involving large sums of money to influence postings. It has been reported that several immediate superiors had swiftly transferred certain police officers as part of disciplinary action. However, the transfer was also accompanied by rumors of substantial financial exchanges, purportedly in the millions, aimed at securing favorable postings.

The alleged transactions have drawn attention to the integrity of the administrative processes and raised concerns about corruption within the police department. The transfers, ostensibly carried out under the guise of administrative reshuffling, have brought to light broader issues surrounding accountability and transparency in public service appointments.

The ongoing debate underscores the importance of ensuring fair and unbiased personnel decisions within government institutions. It calls for a thorough investigation into the alleged financial dealings and emphasizes the need for greater vigilance to uphold the principles of integrity and meritocracy in public service.

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