Surat Hospital Visit: Chairman Shocked as Gravel Found in Patient’s Food

Gravel contamination was discovered in the meals provided to patients at Surat Municipal Corporation’s Smimmer Hospital. During a surprise visit by Hospital Committee Chairman Manisha Ahir, the kitchen facilities were inspected. Upon testing the food, it was confirmed that the gravel originated from the meals served to the patients. The officials responsible were reprimanded for the oversight and given necessary instructions. Additionally, plans for constructing a modern kitchen are underway to prevent such incidents in the future.

Chairman’s Surprise Visit to Smimmer Hospital

Manisha Ahir, Chairman of the Hospital Committee, conducted an unexpected inspection at Smimmer Hospital under the Surat Municipal Corporation today. Accompanied by officials from the RMO, nursing, and kitchen departments, the surprise visit focused on the kitchen facilities. The presence of gravel in the patient’s food led to criticism of the officials present for their negligence.

Inspection of Kitchen Facilities by Manisha Ahir

During the inspection, Manisha Ahir thoroughly examined all items in the kitchen, including vegetables and pulses, before inspecting the food served to patients. The discovery of gravel in the pulses and vegetables prompted a stern response from Ahir, who then instructed the kitchen manager and officials present accordingly.

Ensuring Quality Food for Patients: Chairman’s Statement

Chairman Manisha Ahir emphasized the importance of providing quality food to aid in the speedy recovery of patients at the hospital. During the surprise visit, necessary suggestions were provided following the discovery of gravel in the food. Plans are also underway to replace the existing kitchen with a modern facility.

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