Ahmedabad Youth Claims Bomb at Goa Airport, Sparking Panic; Bomb Squad Called, Police Files FIR

During the boarding process of a flight bound for Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Airport in Ahmedabad from the picturesque Goa Airport, a passenger alerted the authorities about a possible bomb in his possession. Prior to the flight takeoff, as part of routine security checks conducted by staff at Goa Airport, every individual is queried about the presence of any prohibited items in their possession. 

It was during this procedure that a traveler from Ahmedabad disclosed the presence of a bomb in his belongings to the airport staff. This revelation startled the staff, prompting an immediate and thorough inspection, which yielded no evidence of any hazardous item. Subsequently, the Goa police received a complaint regarding the incident and initiated an investigation against the individual involved.

Deployment of Bomb Detection Disposal Squad at Ahmedabad Airport

A 38-year-old youth from Ahmedabad spread rumors of possessing a bomb, necessitating the intervention of authorities. The individual, fulfilling his duty to disclose any hazardous items, alerted the airport staff about the presence of a bomb before boarding the flight. Subsequently, Goa police and the Bomb Detection Disposal Squad were dispatched to the airport to interrogate the individual and conduct a thorough inspection. 

No suspicious items were found in his possession, prompting the police to file a First Information Report (FIR) against him. It’s worth noting that the incident delayed the scheduled SpiceJet flight from Goa to Ahmedabad, initially slated to depart at 7:25 AM, ultimately taking off at 9:30 AM due to the unfolding events.

File photo of Goa Airport

Heightened Risks in Air Travel Due to Bomb Threats

Recent incidents involving bomb threats on flights, such as the one reported three days prior to a Delhi-bound flight and another incident on a flight from Goa to Ahmedabad, have raised concerns about the safety of air travel. Such occurrences underscore the potential dangers that can arise during air travel. 

In India, as the volume of air travel increases, vigilance against such threats becomes paramount. Passengers are urged to remain vigilant and cautious in the face of such rumors, especially when the frequency of air travel rises, to ensure the safety and security of all passengers and crew.

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