SMEER Hospital: Surat’s First Paperless Healthcare Hub, Liberating Patients from Queue Hassles

Surat Municipal Employees’ Union Hospital (SMEER), under the stewardship of the Surat Municipal Corporation, is forging ahead in its endeavor to implement a paperless system. The hospital is actively pursuing the digitization of its operations through an Integrated Management System (HIMS). This comprehensive initiative aims to computerize all facets of SMEER Hospital, thereby eliminating the reliance on paper-based processes entirely.

With this transition, the hospital anticipates a significant reduction in the time taken for medical examinations of patients and their families, as procedures will no longer be hindered by paperwork. The estimated cost of implementing this paperless system is approximately 40 crore rupees. By the end of February, patients visiting the hospital will directly benefit from streamlined processes.

Once the system is operational, patients and their families can expect expedited services, as medical consultations will seamlessly flow without interruptions caused by paperwork.

Token dispenser machine.

Implementation of Token Dispenser Machines and Streamlined Processes at SMEER Hospital

SMEER Hospital is currently undergoing significant transformations to enhance its operational efficiency and patient care services. With an expenditure amounting to crores of rupees, the hospital has introduced token dispenser machines and various other facilities to optimize patient flow and streamline processes.

The token dispenser machines, strategically placed across different departments including OPD sections and the pharmacy, aim to expedite patient consultations and medication dispensing. This initiative alleviates the long queues and waiting times experienced by patients, particularly during peak hours.

The entire system is being meticulously linked to ensure seamless coordination and functionality. Presently, patients often endure prolonged wait times, navigating through queues for case documentation and medication procurement, sometimes spanning over half a day. Consequently, many patients find themselves spending extended durations within the hospital premises.

However, with the advent of the paperless system, patients can expect relief from these inconveniences. The integration of token dispenser machines and streamlined processes signifies a commitment to enhancing patient experiences and optimizing healthcare delivery at SMEER Hospital.

LEDs in different departments in the hospital.

Patient Workflow at the Hospital

Manisha Ahir, Chairperson of the Surat Municipal Corporation Hospital Committee, recently announced that with the implementation of HIMS, patients will no longer need to wait in line. Upon arrival at the hospital, patients will first obtain a token from the token dispenser, eliminating the need to queue for registration. 

Once they receive their token, there is no requirement for them to stand in line for registration. Waiting lounges will be set up for patient convenience, where arrangements for appointments will be made. After receiving their token number, patients will be directed to consultation rooms based on their token, and their health card will be issued. This streamlined process ensures efficient patient management and reduces wait times significantly.

The patient will first have to take the token.

Computerized Transfer Facility

It has been further emphasized that even in the OPD, patients will not need to wait in line. After receiving their token number, patients will directly proceed to the doctor’s chamber, where the doctor will upload the patient’s details onto the computer. All patient information will be stored digitally in the system. 

If the patient needs medication or a referral to another department, the entire patient profile from the OPD will be electronically transferred to that department’s doctor. Hence, even there, the patient will not have to wait in line upon arrival. With the token number, the patient will receive attention from the respective department’s doctor. After the consultation, when the doctor prescribes medication, the patient won’t have to wait in long pharmacy lines either. The medication will be dispensed based on the token number provided.

Going to the doctor after receiving the patient's token number.

The State’s First Paperless Hospital

Surat Municipal Corporation has initiated the first paperless system in the state at SMEER Hospital. These preparations aim to provide patients with streamlined services through modern technology. Currently, facilities such as LED screens and computer access for doctors are operational through token machines. By the end of February, SMEER Hospital is poised to become the first paperless hospital in the entire state, a significant step towards efficient healthcare management.

The hospital is currently in full swing.

Revolutionizing Healthcare: Surat’s First Paperless Hospital

Surat Municipal Corporation is set to revolutionize healthcare with the establishment of the state’s first paperless hospital, projected to incur an estimated cost of around 40 crores. Significant progress has been made in the hospital’s infrastructure, with the implementation of modern technology aimed at enhancing patient services.

Once the paperless system is fully operational, patients at SMEER Hospital will experience liberation from long waiting lines. The paperless system will initially cover departments such as OPD, laboratory, pharmacy, and radiology, with full functionality expected by the end of February. Subsequently, all other departments will be integrated into the paperless framework.

Preparations are underway to ensure that doctors, nursing staff, and clerical personnel are proficient in the operation of the paperless system. Upon completion of the transition, SMEER Hospital will proudly stand as Gujarat’s premier paperless healthcare facility, offering unparalleled benefits to patients through streamlined processes and queue management.

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