Gujarat ATS Raids Home of Taral Bhatt: Red Alert at Ahmedabad’s Shivam Residence

In the controversy surrounding the Junagadh Tadkand case, the team of Gujarat ATS has created a commotion at the Shivam Residence in Ahmedabad, the home of PI Taral Bhatt, by conducting a raid. Chaos erupted as they searched the house of Taral Bhatt, who was allegedly involved in the cricket betting scandal in Madhupura, and now his name has surfaced in the Junagadh Tadkand case as well. Today, the Gujarat ATS team arrived at Taral Bhatt’s house to interrogate his family. It was revealed during this process that this house belongs to Taral Bhatt’s father.

Taral Bhatt Now Under the Scanner

In connection with the cricket betting scandal, Taral Bhatt’s involvement has been exposed in the report submitted by the State Monitoring Cell (SMC) during a meeting held in T.C. Hookah Bar in Ahmedabad. Gujarat ATS has raided Taral Bhatt’s house in Ahmedabad in connection with the Junagadh Tadkand case and has also taken steps to apprehend other accused along with Taral Bhatt. It is noteworthy that the complaint in the Junagadh Tadkand case was registered against PI Taral Bhatt, SOG, PI E.M. Gohil, and ASI Deepak on January 26. Subsequently, all three, PI, SOG, and ASI, were interrogated underground. Gujarat ATS is expediting the investigation in the Junagadh Tadkand case.

Taral Bhatt Applies for Bail in Junagadh Court

Former PI in the alleged Tadkand case and Taral Bhatt have applied for bail in the Junagadh District Court for bail in the alleged Tadkand case. In this, they have stated that they have been falsely implicated in this case. Along with this, it is also mentioned in the bail application to present themselves as defamed. Today, a hearing will take place in the court of the Chief Justice of Junagadh district. Gujarat ATS officials may also be present there.

Use of Over 1,000 Bank Accounts for Betting

Connections to the Madhupura case in Ahmedabad may also come to light in the Tadkand case. A revelation was made regarding the disclosure of a Rs 2,500 crore cricket betting scandal in Madhupura, Ahmedabad. Over 1,000 bank accounts were used for betting. In the investigation of this case, Taral Bhatt has obtained information about all bank accounts. Even after the investigation was transferred, Taral Bhatt has disclosed the information.

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