Controversy at Gujarat University: Professor’s Qualification Disputed in Animation Department Hiring

There has been a renewed controversy in the Animation Department of Gujarat University. The private company previously running the courses has been removed by the chancellor. With the removal of the private company, the university now lacks any professors of its own. Previously, some professors who were deemed unfit were dismissed, and now there is a process underway to rehire them. Several professor positions remain vacant. Students protested in the coordinator’s office today, expressing dissatisfaction that this instructor isn’t proficient in English, questioning how they can teach us.

What’s the Whole Matter

A while ago, in the Animation Department of Gujarat University, Kamaljit Lakhataria, who served as the coordinator, was removed and replaced by Linzboy George. Following this, the private companies running the courses were also removed by the chancellor. When the companies were removed, the companies had named 5 professors, but their qualifications were not mentioned. After terminating the companies in December, the university decided to hire a Practice of Professor and announced a vacation once the students’ exams were completed. However, after the vacation, students did not receive any response despite a month passing. Students protested in the department when it reopened, but no suitable arrangements were made for their studies.

No Qualification Now, It’s Gone

It is said that the professors currently working in the private company are not qualified. Gujarat University has now again hired professors without proper qualifications. In the Animation Department, faculty members named Amit Mathur, Priyanka Goswami, Bimalesh, Bhoomika, and Akshay have been appointed. This faculty previously worked in private companies, were not qualified for the university, but have now been hired by the university.

Students’ Grievances Against Professors

Despite the hiring of these professors, students in Gujarat University’s Animation Department are still not receiving proper instruction due to the professors’ lack of qualifications. The college schedule is supposed to be from four to five hours, but often, only two to three hours of instruction are provided, leaving out crucial lessons. According to students’ complaints, the professors do not teach properly, nor do they provide a syllabus. Consequently, students protested in the coordinator’s office.

What Students Say

According to Manthan Pujara, a student, “I am studying in the Animation Department in the second semester. Our fee is 40,000 rupees. Previously, it was private management, but now it’s government. Yet, the fee remains the same. Earlier, the faculty used to teach us. Even though it’s now government-run, nothing has changed.” Another student named Siddharajsinh Sodha mentioned, “I am studying in the fourth semester of animation. Our faculty is called in for lectures in the morning, but they don’t show up. Later, they inform us about the lecture timings through a group message. The English they write in the message is not accurate. Even international students in our department are facing difficulties in understanding. We had complained to the coordinator, but he said that the faculty comes from a Gujarati medium background, so they know Gujarati better.

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