Fatal Accident: Car Tire Kills 1-Year-Old Girl in Ahmedabad, Caught on CCTV

In an apartment in Nehrunagar Extension in Ahmedabad, a child playing was crushed by a car driver while changing tires, resulting in fatal injuries. After CCTV footage of the entire incident surfaced, the police apprehended the accused. Currently, the accused is being questioned. On the other hand, this CCTV footage highlights incidents where innocent children playing near cars are at risk, and tires are being changed.

Tire Rolled Over Child Again

The incident details reveal that in an apartment complex in Nehrunagar, a 26-year-old security guard, employed as a security guard, resides. He and his wife were staying there with their innocent child. Yesterday evening, the security guard went nearby to buy vegetables. Meanwhile, the innocent child was playing downstairs in the apartment complex, and after a while, he received a call that his child had been run over by a car.

Car Rolled Over Child

As the child was critically injured, immediate medical assistance was provided, where doctors declared him dead. Upon investigation of the entire matter, the police swiftly conducted an inquiry into the cause of death and recorded the incident at the traffic police station under the Traffic Division. Traffic police have arrested the car driver, Kanak Arjunbhai. Currently, the police are interrogating the accused, but such incidents of accidental deaths due to reckless driving have become common after incidents like this come to light through CCTV footage.

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