Delhi Incident Redux: Seven Ahmedabad Schools Threatened with Bombing on Election Day; Sequential Email Threats Follow

In a worrying echo of recent events in Delhi, several schools in Ahmedabad have been targeted with bomb threats, each delivered through successive emails. The threatened schools are undergoing police checks, with bomb disposal squads also dispatched to the scene. The primary suspicion falls on a server based in Russia. 

Following a pattern reminiscent of the recent incidents in Delhi, threats continue to pour in via email to schools in Ahmedabad. The police force in Ahmedabad has been mobilized to address the situation. 

Just like in Delhi, where threats flooded schools one after another, a similar scenario has unfolded in Ahmedabad, with seven schools receiving intimidating emails, coinciding with election season according to sources.

DCP Assures Investigation into Threatening Emails Sent to Seven Schools

Ajit Rajian, the Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) for the Crime Branch, informed Source that seven schools have received threatening emails. Currently, investigations are underway. It has been revealed that these threatening emails were sent from fake email addresses.

It’s worth noting that schools in Delhi have frequently been targeted with similar threatening emails. In February, the principal of DPS School in Arakpuram, Delhi, received one such email. Similarly, Saket’s Amity School also received a similar email in February. These emails often demanded money from the schools.

Schools Targeted with Bomb Threat Emails

Schools Targeted with Bomb Threat Emails

The following schools have received bomb threat emails:

  1. Kendriya Vidyalaya ONGC Chandkheda Zone-2
  2. Asia English School, Vastrapur Zone-1
  3. Amrita Vidyalayam, Ghatlodia Zone-1
  4. Kalorex Future School, Ghatlodia Zone-1
  5. New Noble School, Naroda
  6. DPS, Bopal
  7. Anand Niketan, Bopal
Bomb Threats Strike Delhi-NCR Schools, 5 Days Ago

Bomb Threats Strike Delhi-NCR Schools, 5 Days Ago

Just five days ago, nearly 100 schools in Delhi-NCR were targeted with bomb threats. According to Delhi Police reports, these threats were received via email. The threatening email was sent around 6 AM this morning. 

Delhi Police, along with bomb disposal squads, fire tenders, and ambulances, swiftly responded by reaching all the schools. Efforts were also made to trace the sender of the email. Approximately 60 schools have been evacuated as a precautionary measure.

Multiple Schools Receive Bomb Threat Emails

Multiple Schools Receive Bomb Threat Emails

According to sources connected with Delhi Police, on Wednesday morning, many schools in Delhi received bomb threat emails. 

It was observed that these emails originated from IP addresses outside the country. The emails did not specify any deadline and were identical, being sent to multiple locations.

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