Women in Vadodara Run 3 Km in Sarees, Embracing Beauty and Fitness

After the International Women’s Day celebration in Vadodara, on Sunday, women organized a saree run spanning 3 kilometers. About 280 women participated in this event. The run began from Gotri-Sevasi Road and concluded as a part of a decathlon. Women of all ages, ranging from 11-year-old girls to a 66-year-old woman, participated enthusiastically. During the run, women danced to the beats of dhol-nagada while draped in red sarees.

Women Enjoyed the Saree Run

A participant in the saree run mentioned that it was her first experience participating in such an event, and she thoroughly enjoyed it. She emphasized the need to break free from daily routines and encouraged other women to indulge in similar experiences. Despite initial reservations, women successfully completed household chores while wearing sarees and participated in the run.

Sarees Enhance Women’s Beauty

The organizer, Priyanka Kapoor, highlighted the beauty of sarees, stating that when Indian women wear sarees, they look exceptionally beautiful. The event aimed to promote fitness, emphasizing that attire doesn’t hinder exercise routines. Women adhered to the dress code of wearing sarees for the run and achieved success.

Participation of 280 Women

It was announced that this saree run marked the fifth edition of such events. The initiative began during the COVID-19 pandemic, coinciding with International Women’s Day celebrations. Today, 280 women participated in the saree run. The Moms of Vadodara social media group played an essential role in connecting mothers online, encouraging their active participation in such activities.

Niyati Rao

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