Surat Woman Abused by Bus Driver Turned Friend: Shocking Allegations and Accusations Surface

In Surat, incidents of crime are increasing nowadays. Often, after befriending strangers, people find themselves in situations where they go too far and end up with no way out but to file a police complaint. Such an incident has recently occurred in Surat. A young woman, a computer engineering graduate from Surat Polytechnic, befriended a bus driver. The driver, allured by the prospect of marriage, engaged in physical relations with her. However, when the woman revealed her pregnancy and demanded marriage, the ST bus driver refused. Subsequently, the woman lodged a complaint with the police. Following the complaint, the police registered a case of rape against the ST bus driver and arrested him.

After exchanging contact information on the bus In the complaint filed with the police by the young woman, she mentioned that she was going to her hometown and got acquainted with a 35-year-old Mahendra Jeevalu Bhoya, who worked as a driver for ST. After a few days, they exchanged contact information on the bus.

In an incident at Rav Apartment, Kailasnagar, near the ITC Building, at the Athwa Lines, Mahendra, a youth, used to meet the girl. During this time, he frequently engaged in physical relations with her. Eventually, Mahendra lured her into marriage and continued to engage in physical relations with her discreetly at a guesthouse near Vansad. Later, when the girl became pregnant, she informed Mahendra. Mahendra then gave her medication to terminate the pregnancy.

When discussing marriage, Mahendra started scolding the girl Later, it became apparent to the girl that Mahendra Bhoya was involved with other girls besides her. Feeling deceived, she confronted him several times. Upon realizing this, Mahendra scolded her multiple times, trying to make her believe otherwise. After this, what happened was informed by the girl. It was revealed that Mahendra had been manipulating her and had continued to engage in physical relations with her.

Despite mediation efforts from the village council, Mahendra did not provide a satisfactory response. The girl’s father is a cleaner. When the girl informed her parents about this matter, Mahendra was approached by the village council to explain. However, Mahendra did not give a proper answer even after being explained by the village council. After Mahendra accepted the proposal of marriage and then refused to marry the girl, the girl finally lodged a complaint of rape with the police.

In this case, Mahendra’s refusal to marry eventually led to the girl filing a rape complaint. Mahendra, who frequently engaged in physical relations with the girl at her residence in Kailasnagar, has now been arrested by the police and is currently in jail.

Niyati Rao

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