MLA Ketan Inamdar Resigns, Creating Political Pressure: Ketan Inamdar Visits CR Patil’s Bungalow

In a recent development, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) had nominated Ranjanben Bhatt for a third term as Vadodara’s Member of Parliament, sparking unrest within the Vadodara BJP faction. Just a day after Bhatt was given the ticket, Dr. Jyotiben Pandya, the national vice-president of the BJP’s women’s wing, expressed her dissent, leading to her suspension by the party. Subsequently, Jyotiben remained vocal about her dissatisfaction. 

Unexpectedly, on the morning of March 19, Savli MLA Ketan Inamdar resigned from his position as a member of the legislative assembly, citing dissatisfaction with the internal dynamics of the Vadodara BJP. This move signifies a clear shift in alliances within Vadodara’s political landscape, as Inamdar throws his support behind Ranjanben Bhatt, marking a notable departure from the BJP camp.

Ketan Inamdar Holds Talks with C.R. Patil Following Resignation

Disgruntled MLA Ketan Inamdar has arrived at the residence of C.R. Patil. Regarding his resignation, Ketan Inamdar has been quoted as saying that discussions will be held with C.R. Patil to address concerns. Vadodara’s district head, Rajesh Pathak, has stated that there are no specific issues, but any concerns will be addressed through discussions with Patil. 

Ketan Inamdar has sent a resignation letter via email to Shankar Chaudhary, the legislative assembly deputy speaker, from his MLA position. However, as he has not directly submitted his resignation to the assembly speaker yet, it cannot be considered official. The process of directly handing in the resignation to the speaker is yet to be completed by Inamdar. 

Ketan Inamdar has been accused by his opponents within the party of working against the BJP’s interests. He has also stated that he supports Ranjanben Bhatt amidst these developments.

Political Resignation Drama: Creating Pressure or Genuine Decision?

Ketan Inamdar’s resignation from his MLA position raises questions about whether it was a genuine decision or a political tactic to exert pressure. If he intended to resign solely from his MLA position, why didn’t he approach the legislative assembly speaker directly? 

It’s a common occurrence that many politicians resign from the Congress party to join the BJP, and subsequently, after being appointed as MLAs, they resign again. 

However, Ketan Inamdar chose to send his resignation via email only. Such tactics have been employed by politicians in the past under previous governments, indicating a pattern of dramatic political strategies. It seems that Inamdar’s resignation might have been aimed at exerting political pressure on his party, rather than being a straightforward act of resignation.

Ketan Inamdar

Ketan Inamdar Expresses Desire to Withdraw Resignation

Ketan Inamdar, before heading to Gandhinagar, expressed his desire to withdraw his resignation. He stated that he had previously resigned in 2020 and again in 2024. He mentioned his intention to persuade the party leadership to reconsider his resignation. 

Today, he will meet with the state chief C.R. Patil and organization secretary Ratnakarji. He emphasized that any discussions held today will be with an open heart. Inamdar pleaded with the party to accept his request to withdraw his resignation, reaffirming his commitment to remain with the party.

Patil Asserts Party’s Authority: Discontent Could Affect Individuals

The prominent state chief, C.R. Patil, has emphasized that while dissatisfaction may be understandable, it’s ultimately up to the individual to feel disgruntled. 

He reiterated that the party operates within its policies and regulations. Candidate selection is determined decisively by the party, and individual legislators have limited influence in this matter.

Chief Minister Holds Virtual Meeting, Hakubha Vadodara Rushes to Attend

The Chief Minister and C.R. Patil organized a virtual meeting with Ketan Inamdar. Following the virtual meeting, former minister Hakubha Jada rushed to Savli. 

Additionally, C.R. Patil and CM had a telephonic conversation with Ketan Inamdar, summoning him to Gandhinagar. Subsequently, they departed for Gandhinagar.

Resignations of Village Chiefs and Taluka Panchayat Officials

Following Ketan Inamdar’s resignation from the position of MLA, fifteen sarpanches of Savli Taluka have submitted their resignations. Additionally, members of the Taluka Panchayat, youth leaders, and prominent office bearers have also resigned from their positions. 

Among those who resigned are Geetaben Solanki, the Sarpanch of Savli Taluka Panchayat, Deputy Sarpanch Valjibhai Rabari, and businessman Arjun Singh Parmar, who held key positions. Officials state that over 5000 functionaries will tender their resignations. With this, the BJP organization in Savli will be left vacant.

Upon hearing about Ketan Inamdar’s resignation, supporters gathered at his new residence in Savli. Regarding the discussion of Ketan Inamdar’s resignation, Ranjanben Bhatt expressed her sorrow, stating that she was unaware of Ketan’s resignation. She mentioned her intention to speak with him, terming the situation as quite distressing.

Neglect of Old Party Workers: Inamdar

Ketan Inamdar has stated that he does not succumb to pressure tactics when it comes to his resignation. He feels that the party sometimes overlooks the contributions of its old workers. Despite being active party workers, some of the older members are often sidelined and their concerns are not given proper attention. 

This has led him to feel a sense of disillusionment. Many times, he has raised such issues but feels that they fall on deaf ears. He perceives that some people enter politics solely for power, which he finds disheartening. He mentions that not everyone enters politics for power; he himself represents the Savli constituency in the Vidhan Sabha since winning the opposition ticket in the 2012 Assembly elections.

“I am Just a Catalyst”

In the realm of BJP politics, I have remained active, but I have never contested elections except once. I have always believed that there is more to life than political symbols and public mandates. I have emphasized that true dignity and self-respect lie beyond political pursuits. 

This voice is not just mine; it belongs to every BJP worker, even though I may have been the catalyst. Today, I humbly urge that the contributions of our senior workers should not be overlooked. The party should expand its horizons and focus on larger goals, always keeping the welfare of the party’s family at the forefront.

Self-Respect Matters Above All

Today, the nation desires Narendra Modi as its Prime Minister, and even after achieving this, I remain a BJP worker. I am actively involved in the Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha expansion meetings, being most inclined towards the Vadodara parliamentary constituency. I am committed to working day and night, but my resignation reflects the voice of my inner soul. 

This resignation is my inner voice, stating that in public life, respect matters the most. Throughout my life, I have strived to uphold the respect and dignity earned through my public service. While I will continue to serve and address people’s concerns, I refuse to compromise my self-respect for any material gain.

Falguniben Inamdar

Family Stands Together: Falguniben Inamdar

Falguniben Inamdar, the wife of Ketan Inamdar, along with their family members, expressed that whatever decision Ketan has made, they stand united with him. 

Although it is uncertain how many people will resign, we are not aware of it, but our entire team stands with them, and the entire family stands together with Ketan.

Discussion on Changing Vadodara BJP Candidates

It is noteworthy that after BJP announced Ranjanben Bhatt as the Vadodara meeting candidate, there was opposition, and BJP’s National Vice President of Women’s Front, Jyotiben Pandya, resigned from BJP. 

Following Jyotiben Pandya’s resignation, there is a strong discussion about changing the Vadodara meeting candidate, and at this time, BJP legislator Ketan Inamdar has sparked controversy by submitting his resignation. This has stirred up a storm in Vadodara’s politics.

Ranjben Bhatt

I am unaware, I came to know through the media: Ranjanben Bhatt

Member of Parliament Ranjanben Bhatt stated that just two days ago, she had organized a program with party workers. Discussions were held on how to carry out work at the district and booth levels. I am unaware of the fact that Ketanbhai has resigned. 

I have come across this news through the media. I am deeply saddened by the news of Ketanbhai’s resignation. I have been trying to contact him since morning, but have been unable to reach him.”

I will speak with Ketanbhai first over the phone

Jyotiben Pandya is the second person, who after hearing the voice of the soul, I have resigned, what will you say about this? He told me that Jyotiben’s statement is false. 

The subject of her resignation is different, and the subject of Ketanbhai’s resignation is different. I cannot make any comments on both. But surely, I will speak with Ketanbhai first over the phone.”

Unaware of Resignations: Maintaining Positivity in Vadodara

Resignations have been tendered, but how will you handle them? In response to this query, it was stated that they have no idea how many resignations have been submitted. As a Member of Parliament and occasionally a candidate, they remain detached from such internal affairs. 

Workers are content, and so are the people. Every day, there are welcoming programs organized with legislators and workers. Therefore, the atmosphere in Vadodara remains quite positive, with everyone continuing to participate enthusiastically.


Kuldeepsinh’s Weight Gain in the Party Leaves Inamdar Displeased

Kuldeepsinh Raulji, who recently joined the BJP after defecting from the opposition Congress party, was promptly entrusted with the crucial responsibility of overseeing the state assembly elections. 

Interestingly, it has come to light that Kuldeepsinh Raulji’s increased prominence within the BJP has left Ketan Inamdar, his former opponent, displeased. It is worth noting that in the 2022 elections, Kuldeepsinh Raulji contested against Ketan Inamdar and faced defeat.

District BJP Chief: No Resignation Planned for Now

Satish Patel, the district BJP chief of Vadodara, has clarified that he has no plans to resign at the moment. He stated that due to his health not being optimal, he had considered resigning, but he couldn’t meet Ketanbhai for an explanation. 

Our supervisor, Rajeshbhai Pathak, has been tasked with meeting Ketanbhai to provide clarification. A meeting is scheduled for this evening to discuss the matter further.

Satish Patel: Kuldeepsinh Raulji Fully Responsible for Lok Sabha Elections

Satish Patel has affirmed that Kuldeepsinh Raulji bears complete responsibility for the Lok Sabha elections. In response to queries regarding this matter, it was stated that we have not assigned any responsibility to Kuldeepsinh in the Savli Vidhan Sabha. 

However, according to the supervisor’s statement, he has been given responsibility in another Vidhan Sabha, and that too is solely related to the Lok Sabha elections.

Resignation Offered Four Years Ago as Well

Even four years ago, Ketan Inamdar, a BJP member of the Savli Vidhan Sabha, had tendered his resignation, citing that the welfare work for the people was not being carried out in his government. 

Ketan Inamdar had submitted his resignation from the post of MLA to the Speaker of the Vidhan Sabha in writing. However, after discussions and assurances of corrective actions, Ketan Inamdar had withdrawn his resignation.

File photo of Ketan Inamdar.

Previously Expressed Discontent Towards the Government

Even before, Savli’s MLA Ketan Inamdar had asserted his strength against the government. At that time, he had arranged meetings with Yogesh Patel and Madhu Srivastava, government officials, to ensure that the government fulfills its promises. 

He had lodged complaints with the government regarding the need for developmental works for the public.

Explosive Letter to Vijay Rupani Amidst the Pandemic

During the coronavirus pandemic, Ketan Inamdar, the BJP MLA from Savli constituency in Vadodara district, had penned an explosive letter to the then Chief Minister Vijay Rupani. He had urgently demanded the supply of oxygen and Remdesivir injections to hospitals in rural areas. 

Vadodara city and rural hospitals were categorized for oxygen distribution, prompting a request to reconsider this decision. Furthermore, there was a plea for Remdesivir injections as they were in high demand amidst the black market surge.

BJP Granted Ticket to Inamdar in 2017

In 2012, Ketan Inamdar emerged victorious as an opposition candidate from the Savli constituency. Following this success, he joined the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). 

The BJP awarded him a ticket in 2017, which he won. Subsequently, in the 2022 legislative assembly elections, Ketan Inamdar secured victory once again.

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