Patil vs. Mumtaz in Navsari: Congress’s Sky Lab Dilemma Amidst Confusion Over Lok Sabha Seat

As the Lok Sabha elections draw near, the announcement of candidates by both the BJP and Congress in the state has become a topic of intense speculation. Amidst the ongoing discussions over remaining names, the BJP has reiterated its support for sitting MP C.R. Patil in the Navsari constituency. Meanwhile, the Congress is still deliberating over its choices. 

In the midst of this, the name of Mumtaz Patel, daughter of Congress leader Ahmed Patel, has sparked new debates. Her nomination as a potential candidate, akin to an imported candidate, has left party workers disappointed, fueling separate discussions on various fronts. On the other hand, Congress is expected to announce the list of its remaining candidates later today, adding to the anticipation and intrigue surrounding the upcoming elections.

Mumtaz Patel Eligible for Party Ticket

Mumtaz Patel, the daughter of the late Ahmed Patel, had expressed her desire for a ticket during the Bharuch meeting. However, according to the decision made by the Indian National Congress, she was required to contest the party chairperson’s election to be eligible for the ticket. 

Therefore, Mumtaz Patel, who seeks to test her fate in the Lok Sabha elections, could potentially be granted a ticket by the party during the Navsari meeting.

self Ahmed Patel's daughter Mumtaz Patel.

Mumtaz Patel’s Emergence: A Cause for Disappointment

The mention of Mumtaz Patel’s name in the discussions revolving around the 26 meetings in Gujarat has garnered significant attention, particularly in Navsari. This is primarily because the state’s BJP chief, C.R. Patil, who currently holds the position of sitting MP in this constituency, has been leading in terms of votes received, having secured more than six lakh votes in the previous term alone. 

Patil has been victorious in the last three terms on this seat. To put forth a competent contender against him, discussions were underway among Congress leaders in Surat and Navsari districts. However, the emergence of Mumtaz Patel’s name has left Congress workers disappointed, as they now contemplate the path forward.

Navsari MP and BJP state president CR. Patil.

We Will Work Hard for It Too

During a conversation with Source, Shailesh Patel expressed that if Mumtaz Patel contests on this seat, we will work hard for her as well. However, it is essential for Mumtaz Patel to also seriously consider her candidacy and be committed to her political career. 

Her bright political career is crucial for her candidacy for this seat. Shailesh Patel assured his support for her victory with a strong determination, but he also made an appeal for Mumtaz Patel, a local organization member, to acknowledge the potential competition against C.R. Patil.

Announcement of Names Can Happen by Evening

Shailesh Patel further elaborated that discussions about supporting Mumtaz Patel are underway. He mentioned that by this evening, the names of the remaining Congress candidates could be announced during the meetings. 

He also indicated that if Mumtaz Patel receives a ticket from the high command, preparations for contesting the elections would be demonstrated.

Navsari District Congress President Shailesh Patel.

Amidst Various Discussions Regarding Mumtaz Patel

On Monday, a marathon meeting was held by Congress leaders at the Ishwar Farm in Surat, chaired by Naishad Desai, a Congress leader from Surat. Even in terms of caste dynamics, there have been discussions focusing on Mumtaz Patel’s absence from this meeting. 

According to discussions, it’s been emphasized that for the Navsari Lok Sabha meeting, which represents a significant number of tribal voters, it’s essential to field a candidate who is both strong and popular among the masses. 

In this context, Mumtaz Patel is not present primarily at this Lok Sabha meeting, and she remains unaware of local politics, issues, activists, and organizations. In such a scenario, Congress fears losing ground to the Patil, who have been dominant leaders in the previous term, as they continue to assert their power over Congress workers.

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