Fraud Attempt in CR Patil’s Name: Rs 1500 Sent to BJP Women Leaders; No Parcel Confirmed from Patil’s Office

The recent surge in online fraud has brought to light an alarming incident of attempted deception involving the misuse of the name of Gujarat BJP State President, CR Patil, in Navsari and Nadiad. In this incident, parcels were sent to the residences of two prominent women leaders affiliated with the BJP: State Minister Sheetal Soni in Navsari and State Minister Janvi Vyas in Nadiad. The perpetrators of this scam demanded a sum of Rs 1500 for the supposed redemption of these parcels. Fortunately, the vigilant women leaders became suspicious of the situation and took appropriate actions to verify the authenticity of the claims.

Upon their suspicions, both Sheetal Soni and Janvi Vyas reached out to CR Patil’s office to ascertain the veracity of the parcel deliveries. It was quickly established that no such parcels had been dispatched from Patil’s office, exposing the fraudulent nature of the scheme. As a result, both women leaders were able to avoid falling victim to this fraudulent act.

In a commendable display of responsibility and commitment to the welfare of their fellow activists and leaders, Sheetal Soni and Janvi Vyas took to social media to share their experiences and raise awareness about this fraudulent incident. Their objective was to prevent other activists and leaders from falling prey to similar scams, emphasizing the importance of vigilance and caution in today’s digital age.

Fake parcel sent to Sheetal Soni's house

An incident involving a parcel purportedly sent from ‘Misho’ to the residence of Sheetal Soni, a Navsari resident and a state minister in the Gujarat BJP, has recently come to light. The parcel in question was falsely claimed to have originated from the office of the Gujarat BJP President, CR Patil. Intriguingly, the individuals behind this scheme demanded a payment of 1500 Indian Rupees (INR) in exchange for the release of the said parcel.

Upon receiving the communication regarding the parcel, Sheetal Soni exercised prudence and due diligence. She promptly consulted her family members to ascertain if anyone within the household had indeed requested or anticipated such a delivery. Much to her surprise, it was established that no one within her family had made any such request or received any knowledge of the purported parcel. This discovery raised immediate concerns regarding the authenticity of the claim and the demand for payment.

State Minister Sheetal Soni

State Minister Sheetal Soni, who resides in Navsari and holds a prominent position in the Gujarat BJP, recently encountered an unusual situation involving the receipt of a parcel purportedly dispatched from the state BJP office. The parcel, which allegedly came from the office of Gujarat BJP President CR Patil, raised concerns as an accompanying demand for a payment of 1500 Indian Rupees (INR) was made for its release.

In a display of responsible and prudent conduct, Sheetal Soni opted to verify the authenticity of the parcel and the associated monetary demand. Recognizing the irregularity of such a situation, she took the initiative to contact CR Patil’s office directly to conduct an inquiry.

Upon communicating with CR Patil’s office, it was promptly established that no parcel had been dispatched from their office, thereby exposing the dubious nature of the entire incident. Armed with this information, Sheetal Soni appropriately declined to accept the parcel, thereby avoiding any potential risks or financial loss.

Sheetal Soni’s actions serve as a commendable example of vigilance and responsible decision-making when confronted with potentially fraudulent situations. It underscores the importance of verifying the legitimacy of unexpected communications, especially those involving financial transactions or requests for payments.

State Minister Sheetal Soni has taken a proactive and responsible approach in light of her recent encounter with an attempted fraud involving a parcel falsely claiming to be sent on behalf of Gujarat BJP President CR Patil. Recognizing the need to protect other leaders and activists from falling victim to similar scams, Sheetal Soni has used her social media platform to issue a public alert.

In her social media post, Sheetal Soni shares the details of the incident, emphasizing the attempted fraud where she was asked to pay 1500 Indian Rupees (INR) to release a parcel purportedly sent by the state president. She goes on to recount her prudent response, which involved contacting the regional president’s office to verify the legitimacy of the parcel’s origin. Upon confirming that no such parcel had been dispatched from the regional president’s office, Sheetal Soni takes the opportunity to caution and inform her audience.

Her message serves as a valuable warning to others in similar positions, as well as to the wider public. She encourages vigilance and advises against complying with any such demands for money in exchange for parcels with questionable origins. By sharing her experience and alerting her social media followers, Sheetal Soni not only safeguards her fellow leaders and activists but also contributes to the broader effort to combat fraudulent activities.

In addition to State Minister Sheetal Soni, it has come to light that another state minister, Janhvi Vyas, residing in Nadiad, experienced a similar incident involving a fake parcel purportedly sent in the name of CR Patil. The attempt to deceive a state minister in Nadiad mirrored the earlier incident in Navsari. However, due to the timely intervention and vigilance of Janhvi Vyas, she managed to avoid falling victim to the fraudulent scheme.

A fake parcel sent to Janvi Vyas' house in Nadiad

Janhvi Vyas’s husband has also weighed in on the matter, highlighting the potential risks posed by such fake parcels not only to state ministers but also to other party workers and office bearers. To prevent fellow workers from falling prey to similar fraudulent activities, they have chosen to disseminate this information on social media platforms.

Their message emphasizes the importance of remaining cautious and vigilant, even when parcels arrive unexpectedly. They have encouraged individuals to investigate and verify the legitimacy of such deliveries, especially if they have not been ordered by anyone within the household. Furthermore, they have stated that the received parcel, in this case, was not opened, and it has been returned.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the need for heightened awareness regarding fraudulent activities, particularly those involving unsolicited deliveries or demands for payment. The decision to share their experience on social media is a responsible and proactive step toward protecting not only state ministers but also the broader party workers and office bearers from falling victim to similar deceptive schemes.

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