Four Line Track Project Approved: Gujarat’s First Multi-Tracking Initiative

Today, the Central Cabinet has granted approval to seven multi-tracking projects, totaling ₹32,500 crores. This inclusion of one project in these seven projects is in Gujarat. For the first time in Gujarat, a four-line track project will be undertaken. From Samakhiali in Kutch to Gandhidham, a four-line track will be constructed at a cost of ₹1,571 crores. With the establishment of four-line tracks, comprehensive development of Gujarat’s ports will take place, enhancing cargo and passenger facilities rapidly.

Approval for Four-Line Track Project:

The Divisional Railway Manager (DRM) of Ahmedabad Division, Sudhir Kumar Sharma, announced that today the Central Cabinet has granted approval to the railway’s multi-tracking project. This includes the Samakhiali-Gandhidham railway track, now being expanded to a four-line track project within Ahmedabad Division. A budget of INR 1571 crores has been allocated for constructing the four-line track. Samakhiali will have two lines, with one line connecting Ahmedabad to Viramgam and Kutch, while the other line connects Palanpur to Samakhiali from the Kutch side. Presently, there is a double track from Samakhiali to Bhuj-Gandhidham.

Not Just Goods Trains, Passenger Trains to Benefit As Well

In the Samakhiali section, the expansion of 112 kilometers of track to a four-track system is underway. This expansion, which spans Gujarat’s four major ports – Jakhau, Kandla, Mundra, and Tuna – aims to simplify cargo transportation to and from Malasa. It involves transforming the existing double track into a four-track system. This development will not only be advantageous for freight transportation but also for passenger trains. The regions around Samakhiali and Bhuj host numerous cement and salt industries, along with other factories. These industrial establishments attract a significant number of workers, contributing to their prosperity, and in turn, benefiting the region.


The approval for a four-line track project in the Samakhiali section marks a significant development. This initiative, sanctioned by the Central Cabinet, expands the existing 112-kilometer track to a four-track system. This expansion, spanning Gujarat’s major ports of Jakhau, Kandla, Mundra, and Tuna, aims to streamline cargo transportation to and from Malasa. The project not only benefits goods transportation but also enhances passenger train services. Additionally, the region’s industrial establishments, including cement and salt industries, will see improved connectivity, ultimately contributing to the area’s economic growth.

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