Grieving the Loss of Our Best Friend: 300 Medical College Students Converge in Vadodara for Neel’s Funeral Following Expressway Tragedy

A devastating incident occurred on the Vadodara-Ahmedabad Expressway resulting in the loss of 10 lives, including 2 individuals from Vadodara. Among them was Neel, whose mortal remains were brought back to Vadodara for the final rites, conducted today at a special crematorium. 

Amidst solemnity, approximately 300 students from the Kiran C. Patel Medical College hostel in Bharuch arrived in Vadodara aboard three luxurious buses to bid farewell to Neel.

Remembering Neel: A True Friend

In a conversation with Source, Vivek, a friend of the deceased Neel, shared heartfelt memories, painting a picture of Neel as an exceptional individual. He revealed that all 300 students from the medical college in Bharuch attended Neel’s final rites, underscoring Neel’s popularity and the deep impact he had on his peers. 

Described as a remarkable person who was always willing to lend a helping hand, Neel was cherished by all. His loss has left a profound sadness among his friends, with Vivek expressing deep sorrow at the departure of his dear friend. 

It was noted that even senior students and those from other batches, totaling around 200, attended the funeral, a testament to Neel’s amiable nature and the strong bonds he had with everyone.

File photo of deceased Neel.

A Heartfelt Conversation Held on Friday

In a recent conversation, Neel’s friend expressed profound admiration for him, describing their bond as deeply meaningful. Neel was praised for his exemplary character and sharp wit, making him not only a great friend but also a remarkable individual. 

The friend recalled their conversation last Friday, where Neel appeared particularly cheerful. The sudden loss has left a heavy heart, with deep sympathy extended to Neel’s family. Prayers are offered for their strength to endure this sorrow.

Neel's funeral

Neel’s Final Rites Attended: Subhashbhai

Subhashbhai Bhatt, the supervisor of the hostel at Kiran C. Patel Medical College in Bharuch, expressed deep sorrow over the loss of a diligent student. He recalled conversing with Neel just a week ago, lamenting the sudden departure of such a promising individual. 

Subhashbhai revealed that they had accompanied the students in three luxurious buses to attend Neel’s final rites.

Family Shattered by the Loss of a Son

The tragic accident on the Vadodara-Ahmedabad Expressway claimed yet another life in Dayalnagar, a locality in Vadodara, where Neel Bhojvani, a resident and an MBBS student from Bharuch, met his untimely demise. 

With the news of the loss of their only son, the family was devastated by the blow, adding to the anguish already inflicted by the loss of another family member in the same incident.

About 300 students reached Vadodara for Neel's funeral.

10 Lives Lost in Separate Families Tragedy

Near Bilodara, close to Nadiad, a devastating accident occurred yesterday afternoon, resulting in a tragic loss of life for 10 individuals from different families. The incident unfolded as an overtaking tanker collided with an oncoming car on the emergency lane. 

All 10 occupants of the car, including a 4-year-old child along with their parents, were fatally injured. These individuals belonged to various families, hailing from Vadodara and residing in Ahmedabad for separate livelihoods and responsibilities.

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