Vadodara’s Chauhan Family Creates Vighnaharta Dev Idol with 2kg Seeds

Grand Celebrations of Ganeshotsav in the City

The city is filled with immense enthusiasm and excitement as the Ganeshotsav festival is being celebrated. Public Ganesh mandals and families at home are decorating with grand and elaborate decorations like every year. For instance, in Shiyabag area of the city, the Chauhan family has created an extraordinary statue of Lord Ganesha by inscribing ‘Shreeji’ on every grain of a 2-kilogram grain.

Center of Attraction Among the People

In the Shiyabag neighborhood of the city, Satyajit Chauhan, Puja Chauhan, and their family have created a unique idol by inscribing ‘Shreeji’ on every grain of a grain. This installation is done with immense devotion. It took the family 12 days to create the idol. The statue created by the family has become a center of attraction among the devotees who come to witness it.

Making Statues from Various Grains

The family first created such statues in 1993. These statues are made using wheat, sesame seeds, and chickpeas. ‘Shree Ganeshaay Namah’ is inscribed on the wheat grains, while ‘Om’ is written on the sesame seeds and chickpeas. Furthermore, the family has also created statues with inscriptions such as ‘Vishnu Sahasranamavali,’ ‘Shankar Sahasranamavali,’ ‘Ganesha Sahasranamavali,’ ‘Gayatri Sahasranamavali,’ ‘Gayatri Mantra,’ and ‘Jai Dashama’ up until now.

Using Two Kilograms of Grains for Creation

Every grain that’s easily recognizable as wheat bears the name of Shreeji, inscribed to create beautiful idols. It takes 12 days to craft these idols, and the entire family contributes to this priceless endeavor. After immersion, these statues provide nourishment to aquatic life in the ponds, serving as a spiritual gesture to sustain life.

Chanting During Statue Creation

Satyajitsinh Chauhan expressed that during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, the desire to create unique Ganesha idols emerged. The family decided to collectively take up this creative endeavor. By inscribing the name Shreeji on each grain, they invoke His presence and chant His name multiple times, creating a profound spiritual connection.

The Family’s Contribution

Pooja Chauhan revealed that every year, their family collaboratively makes a unique Ganesha idol, which becomes an annual tradition. This time, they have utilized grains to create the idol. The process involves inscribing Shreeji’s name on the grains, which takes around 12 days to complete. The entire family is deeply involved, and after immersion, these idols serve as sustenance for aquatic life in the ponds.

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