Diamond Rush: Packet Spills on Surat Road, Locals Scour Mini Bazaar to Khodiyar Nagar

Astonishing Scenes in Surat’s Diamond City

In Surat, astonishing scenes have unfolded. In the Mini Bazaar, the diamond industry is bustling, with messages being conveyed on the streets that diamonds can be found everywhere. People were eagerly searching for diamonds on the streets. Those looking for diamonds scoured the entire road from Mini Bazaar to Khodiyar Nagar. It was revealed that those seeking diamonds had spread across the entire road.

Spread of News About the Discovery of Diamonds on the Roads

People gathered on the roads from Mini Bazaar to Khodiyar Nagar, starting the search for diamonds. People informed each other that a businessman’s diamond packet had fallen on the road here. Due to the high value of diamonds, if someone touches it, it will turn into money. With this belief, people started searching for diamonds on the road, with some even brushing off the dust on the streets.

The Panic of Diamond Falling on the Road Spreads

Suresh Gorasiya revealed that discussions about finding diamonds on the streets began every morning, gathering people together. When I came here, I saw that people were cleaning all the roads and searching for diamonds on the streets. Some people believed that if a real diamond was found, it would turn into money when touched, and this mentality led people to search the entire stretch of the road. Some individuals had diamonds in their hands and were investigating to inform others that a throwaway had happened on the American diamond road.

People Confirming Real Diamonds

Due to the diamond falling on the road, people started discussing the possibility that someone might have thrown a piece of American diamond on the road. It was rumored that real diamonds or synthetic diamonds of good quality, used in imitation jewelry or saree work, were being talked about. Although real diamonds or synthetic diamonds are not in this condition, discussions about having diamonds like this in imitation jewelry or saree work have continued for some time. However, for a short period, this incident caused a stir in the Mini Bazaar.

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