Doctor’s Pre-Wedding Stunt with Fiancée In OT Leads to Termination

In a government hospital in Bharmasagar, Chitradurga district of Karnataka, a doctor was caught conducting a pre-wedding shoot in the operation theater instead of performing surgeries. The doctor, along with the anesthesia technician, orchestrated the shoot. The video of this incident went viral on social media. Media reports suggest that the video of the pre-wedding shoot surfaced on Wednesday (January 7), where the doctor was seen mimicking an operation with the anesthesia technician laughing. Even the person undergoing surgery was seen laughing.

Health Minister: Such Behavior is Unacceptable

Karnataka’s Health Minister, Dr. Dinesh Gundu Rao, reprimanded the doctor for this incident. He wrote on social media platform X – Government hospitals are not for personal activities but for the care of people. I cannot tolerate such behavior from doctors.

Health Minister’s Statement: Doctor Shifted from Job

The Health Minister stated that the doctor who conducted the pre-wedding shoot in the operation theater has been removed from the job. All contractual employees, including doctors and staff, working in the health department, must adhere to government service rules.

Operation Theater Closed for 4 Months

Renu Prasad, the district health officer of Chitradurga, mentioned that the doctor was appointed as a medical officer under the National Health Mission (NHM) a month ago. Since September, the operation theater has not been used for pre-wedding shoots. Currently, renovation work is ongoing there.

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