Fraudster Pulls Off 1 Lakh Scam in Modasa Caught From Jharkhand

In a swift operation, the Cyber Crime Cell of Jharkhand arrested a suspect who had fraudulently withdrawn 1 lakh from a person’s bank account by posing as a bank manager. The accused, Ajaykumar Rajeshdas Chedimara, a resident of Madhupur, Jharkhand, was apprehended with 1 lakh in cash and a mobile phone, bringing the total seized amount to ₹1,05,000.

Cyber Crime Cell Detects and Apprehends Fraudster Involved in Illegal Transactions

Superintendent of Police Shifali Barwal and Deputy Superintendent of Police K. Chaudhari, leading the Cyber Crime Cell in Aravalli district, acted on information to investigate cases of fraud under cybercrime. Acting on the leads provided by the Cyber Crime Cell, Ajaykumar Rajeshdas Chedimara, the alleged fraudster, was identified and arrested by the personnel from the Modasa Rural Police Station in Aravalli. The accused, hailing from Madhupur, Jharkhand, was found to be involved in a swift and deceptive cyber fraud, defrauding Kudankumara Sudhirbhai Das of Madhupur with an amount totaling 1.5 lakh, including 1 lakh in cash and a mobile phone.

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