Tragic Death of Two Women in Dump Truck Incident Sparks Outrage Over Police Inaction Amidst Heavy Traffic

Near Vadodara city’s check post, two women lost their lives while crossing a concrete mixer truck. The incident occurred between 7 AM to 1 PM in the morning and 4 PM to 9 PM in the evening. The police commissioner has issued a public announcement restricting vehicle entry in the city during these times. However, the order was disregarded, leading to a tragic accident. Notably, the traffic police were not present during this incident.

Police Commissioner’s Disregarded Announcement

The police commissioner’s announcement in Vadodara city seems to have been ignored, as heavy vehicles were seen entering the city during restricted hours. Despite the announcement, traffic police were not enforcing the restriction, leading to a blatant violation of the commissioner’s order.

No Police Presence Near Check Post

On Wednesday night near Vadodara’s check post, a fatal accident occurred involving a concrete mixer truck. Divya Bhaskar reached the site where two women lost their lives due to the accident. Surprisingly, there was no police presence, and no efforts were made to stop or regulate the heavy vehicles, including dumpers, concrete mixer machines, and trucks.

Traffic Police Absent, Chaos Prevails

Upon Divya Bhaskar’s team’s arrival, no traffic police were present at the scene, even though more than 100 heavy vehicles had passed through. The traffic brigade arrived shortly, but they lacked the authority to stop the vehicles. The situation escalated, with traffic police running to catch up and manually halting one or two vehicles, issuing fines as a form of reprimand.

Woman’s Scooter Slips Near Akshar Chowk

A woman heading towards Akshar Chowk from Kalali Bridge had her scooter slip due to the heavy traffic. A police officer lifted the scooter, allowing the woman to leave the area. The traffic jam caused by heavy vehicles is causing chaos, leading to impromptu interventions by police officers to manage the situation.

Lack of Information Regarding Entry Restrictions

When asked about the entry restrictions in the city, a dumper driver mentioned that he was not aware of any such restrictions. He stated that he did not have any information about entry restrictions and was simply following his daily route.

Fear of Heavy Vehicles on the Road

Maheshbhai Patel, a two-wheeler rider, expressed that there is a significant fear of heavy vehicles on the road. The traffic is often heavy, and heavy vehicles tend to move at high speeds. He mentioned that when riding a two-wheeler, it becomes challenging to control the vehicle in such situations. It is essential for individuals to adhere to traffic rules to avoid unexpected incidents.

Two Vehicles Penalized: Traffic Police Officer

Traffic Police Officer Praveenbhai Parmar stated that they actively carry out operations against heavy vehicles on the road. They frequently impose fines on vehicles, and in some instances, two vehicles have been penalized simultaneously. If a police officer is present, they have the authority to detain the vehicle.

Two Women Fatally Injured in Collision

It is noteworthy that on Wednesday night around 8 o’clock near Akshar Chowk in Vadodara, two women were seriously injured when a two-wheeler collided with a concrete mixer on the road. Bystanders promptly took both women to the hospital for immediate medical attention. Unfortunately, the doctors declared them dead. In this incident, a 3-year-old child lost the protection of its mother.

When Does the Police Commissioner’s Statement Come into Action?

In Vadodara city, the entry of vehicles is restricted during specific hours, and during this time, many people, including police officers, army personnel, and civilians, have lost their lives due to accidents. Now, the question arises as to when the stringent statement made by the Police Commissioner in the public interest will be implemented. The announcement was regarding traffic police actively intervening against vehicles entering the city and conducting strict operations.

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