Shocking Video: Primary School Kids Caught in Drug Pollution, Handed to Police with Drug Solution Tube in Bag

In the schools of Pandesara area in Surat city, children studying in school bags had hidden tubes of a narcotic solution, causing a significant stir throughout the locality. The incident’s video went viral on social media, drawing attention in the educational world as well. Dressed in their school uniforms, two adolescent students had replaced books with a tube of the narcotic solution in their school bags. The local authorities immediately informed the police, who summoned the parents of these children and provided counseling for them. This incident has raised several questions about the future of these students who were involved in immediate substance abuse, despite having bright prospects.

Narcotic Solution Tubes Found in School Bags in Pandesara

In the Galaxy Army School located in Pandesara, two innocent school children, studying in Grade 6 and 7, were found with a tube of narcotic solution in their school bags. This alarming discovery revealed that even at a very young age, children have resorted to substance abuse. They were using the tube to make a narcotic solution, commonly referred to as a ‘solution tube.’ The consequences of this shocking discovery were significant, as it sparked concerns about the future of these students. The ready availability of these tubes, usually intended for making bicycle tires, is now being misused by the youth as a means of substance abuse.

Substance Abuse Through Solution Tubes in School Proximity in Society

In the Galaxy Army School, both schoolchildren were found using the solution tube to indulge in substance abuse in proximity to the school premises. The concerned locals reported this to the police, who promptly reached the school and conducted checks on the school bags of children. Notably, four additional students were also found in possession of a solution tube, which surprised the local residents. Police subsequently took both school children, along with these solution tubes, to the police station for further investigation.

Police Summoned to Catch Children Abusing Narcotic Solution Tubes

The video of the entire incident was immediately circulated on social media, drawing attention from the public and local authorities. The police were informed to capture the children who were abusing the narcotic solution tubes. However, during their apprehension, these children broke down emotionally. They admitted to making a mistake and confessed that the desire to secure a bright future had driven their parents to spend considerable money on their education, working day and night as laborers. Such incidents served as a warning to parents and raised their concern about their children’s safety.

Both Adolescents Brought to the Police Station

In the Galaxy Army School, upon discovering the use of solution tubes for substance abuse in two school bags, the police took immediate action. Addressing the matter, ACP ZR Desai explained that these children were using solution tubes for substance abuse, which prompted the police to intervene and bring both children and their parents to the police station for counseling. During this process, the parents were also advised to pay special attention to their children and allocate more quality time for them when returning to and leaving from school. The school was also recommended to increase the time spent on checking school bags, and the police highlighted the importance of parental guidance.

No Legal Offenses Registered

ACP ZR Desai further clarified that the children had not been charged with any legal offenses. It was revealed that the solution tubes used for making a narcotic solution had no prohibitions or restrictions. While it was alarming that these school children had these tubes in their possession, it was not illegal to carry them. Despite this, the incident led to parents being advised to pay special attention to their children and provide guidance to prevent future occurrences. It was also recommended that schools allocate more time for bag checks and engage parents in keeping a close watch on their children.

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