Experience the Diu-Daman Vibe in Surat: Enjoy Fun Moments at the Beer Bar in Green Carpet Tent, 1 km from Police Station

Just a kilometer away from Saroli Police Station in Surat, a bustling mini beer bar has swiftly made its mark over the past year. Unveiled beneath the vigilant eyes of the local police’s state monitoring cell, this beer bar emerged as a hub of activity. Equipped with amenities reminiscent of lively hangout spots like Diu and Daman, the bar catered to its clientele with fervor. 

The manager ensured patrons’ comfort with amenities ranging from fees, coolers, tables, to hookah services. The state monitoring cell diligently apprehends any miscreants, having nabbed 10 customers thus far, while witnessing successful operations involving 15 or more individuals.

A liquor store like a beer bar

Mini Beer Bar Bust: Police Crackdown Near Saroli, Surat

Surat’s state monitoring cell recently uncovered an illicit mini beer bar operation near Saroli, Surat. The information led to the revelation that bootlegger Dilip Patil had been running a clandestine liquor outlet in the Egg Gully, adjacent to Sayona Crossroads. 

The bar, catering to alcohol consumers, provided facilities including tables, chairs, refrigeration, and fans. Acting on this intel, the police conducted a raid, causing a stir in the neighborhood. A separate apartment, resembling Daman’s beer bars, was discovered in Lilinagar, where similar amenities were provided to patrons. 

During the police operation, ten individuals, including two young men indulging in alcohol consumption, were apprehended at the scene. Meanwhile, other patrons managed to flee the area successfully.

Under the cover of the roof, a bar was made with green-red net

Assorted Amenities at the Liquor Adda: A Haven for Beer Bars

At the liquor adda, which also serves as a beer bar, a plethora of conveniences awaited patrons. Alongside ceiling fans and electric bulbs, patrons could enjoy tube lights, ice boxes, refrigerators, air coolers, and a variety of snacks like bhungla, roasted peanuts, chana, wafer packets, and jaljeera pouches. 

Additionally, a range of bottles for water, cold drinks, soda, and plastic glasses were readily available. Paper plates were also provided for convenience. In line with the beer bar’s commitment to facilitating food and drink, online payment was seamlessly integrated. 

Customers were provided with the option to make payments through both phone-based apps and Paytm, with a total of seven QR codes available for scanning. Despite being illegal, the bootlegger nonchalantly accepted payments from customers through online platforms.

Facility including online payment

Two Individuals Employed for Outdoor Operations

Outside the bar, bootlegger Dilip had employed two individuals, one of whom was tasked with overseeing outdoor activities and selling alcohol, with a monthly salary ranging between 10,000 to 15,000 rupees. 

Customers arriving at Adda

At the makeshift tables, located in the vicinity, a total of 171 bottles of English liquor, ranging from small to large sizes, were found amongst the 10 mini stalls. The provision of this service for customers at the liquor adda surprised officials from the Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC).

Seizure of 5.04 Lakh Worth of Liquor; 7 Wanted Individuals Identified

Seizure of 5.04 Lakh Worth of Liquor; 7 Wanted Individuals Identified

According to available information, Dilip Ramesh Ghartate from Rajunagar was operating an illicit liquor outlet. In connection with this case, seven wanted individuals, including bootlegger Dilip Patil, Jitu Jinjala, Rajendra, Rahul Chandel, and Mahendra Dharate, were publicly announced by the Saroli Police. 

The police seized liquor worth 61 thousand, alcohol and snack sales amounting to 72 thousand, along with 10 mobile phones and 6 two-wheelers, resulting in a total seizure of 5.04 lakh.

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