Surat’s Diamond Trade History Sparkles in PM Modi’s Gift: 62 Real Diamonds, 50 Carats Each, Embark on Unique Ship-to-Plane Journey

During the inauguration of the Surat Diamond Bourse, a special moment unfolded when the Surat Diamond Bourse Committee presented a well-researched encounter to the Prime Minister. This Gift , held on stage, provided insights into how Surat has maintained its status as a hub for global trade with countries worldwide for years. The discussion showcased the journey of Surat’s trade starting from transportation by trolleys to the announcements at Surat International Airport about flights carrying diamonds and 50-carat real diamonds.

Gift After Extensive Research

After thorough research, a special encounter was prepared for the Prime Minister during the inauguration. Today, the Surat Diamond Bourse stands as the world’s largest office building, ready to open its doors for business. This massive building received approval for inauguration from the country’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. During the inauguration, the management committee of the Diamond Bourse prepared a special gift for the Prime Minister, expressing their gratitude for his presence.

Unveiling Surat’s Business History through a Unique Encounter

During this unique encounter, a significant research effort was put into showcasing the history of Surat’s foreign trade hub for over 300 years. The attempt was to demonstrate how Surat has evolved as a business hub for foreigners and its significance in today’s air travel for international destinations, reflecting the years of research put into this encounter.

Five Different Designs Prepared After Extensive Research

Prime Minister Modi’s encounter was designed by Yogi Shukla, who had previously contacted him and shared details about the preparation of the special gift for the Prime Minister. Shukla highlighted the uniqueness of the designs created for the Surat Diamond Bourse Committee to present a special encounter. The designs focused on different aspects, and once the final design was chosen, an order was placed to create the moment. The Prime Minister’s encounter on stage, unlike any before, marked a historic moment for Surat’s more than 300-year-old business history.

In One Encounter, Surat’s Business History Came Full Circle

The Diamond Bourse Committee had finalized the design for the Prime Minister’s encounter, emphasizing the uniqueness of this moment. Yogi Shukla expressed that this single moment reflects Surat’s centuries-old trade history with foreigners through the Tapi River’s small ports to today’s international airports. The journey from a small trade with foreigners 100 to 150 years ago to the present day, with 175 countries represented at the Diamond Bourse and international airports, showcases the comprehensive reality of Surat’s global business. This moment illustrates the global perspective with flags of 175 countries, creating a symbol of the Earth’s unity in trade.

How the Gift For The Prime Minister was Prepared

The Gift prepared for the Prime Minister involved meticulous planning and special features, as revealed by Yogin Shukla, taking 60 days to create this moment. The use of aluminum gold velvet finish plates, not readily available in the market, added a special touch. This gift was designed to be exclusive for the Prime Minister, using imported Korean black material below and a special wooden lock on the bottom. Five different types of materials were used in this moment.

Usage of a 50-Carat Real Diamond

The inauguration event of the Diamond Burse was marked by presenting this unique plate to the Prime Minister. Yogi Shukla emphasized that this moment featured the largest diamond ever placed on a plate. A crystal diamond set with a diameter of 6 inches was placed, followed by the addition of 62 jet-black real diamonds up to 50 carats each, embedded on an aluminum gold velvet finish plate. This arrangement made the plate highly attractive, creating a significant impact.

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