News of Unauthorized Infiltration and Chartered Plane Departure Raises Concerns in Vadsma and Mehsana, India – December 28

The largest illegal infiltration scheme in America has been exposed at France’s Vatry Airport during the inspection of a chartered flight. Concerned about the possibility of illegal infiltration, France detained the flight for investigation, revealing that among the passengers, 303 individuals, including a significant number of Gujaratis, were suspicious. Though official input is yet to be received, sources suggest that a majority of the Gujaratis involved are from Mahesana.

Another Chartered Plane on December 28?

It is noteworthy that through a Gujarati agent, dreams of reaching America are being served. Such agents are known to facilitate illegal entry into other countries. According to confidential sources, another chartered plane, possibly on December 28, is being arranged for illegal infiltration. While a similar incident had occurred in France on December 21, questions remain about whether the upcoming chartered flight will face similar consequences.

Information on Youth Aged 25 to 35 Years

A Romanian chartered airline, Legend Airlines, was intercepted at France Airport for refueling on December 24. It was seized based on confidential information. The majority of the passengers onboard were Indians, with information revealing that youth aged 25 to 35 years, including a young man from Vadasma village in Mahesana, were part of this flight.

Majority of the 303 Passengers Are Indians

Since December 21, 303 passengers on a chartered plane detained by France for suspected “illegal infiltration” have been under constant scrutiny. Today, on December 24, judges are present at the airport for an independent hearing regarding the detention of passengers in the airport’s waiting area. Over 300 individuals, including 11 minors, are to be kept at France Airport, with authorities providing add-on tutors for education.

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