Sardar Patel Sports Enclave to Host 2036 Olympics: Gujarat Government Allocates 293 Crores for Sports

Central Home Minister Amit Shah is on a tour of Gujarat today, December 24. He attended the PM Swanidhi Yojana program in Gandhinagar at GMDC Ground, where he joined Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel in a program fostering camaraderie among the beneficiaries of the scheme. Later, Shah traveled to Kalol, where he inaugurated a newly built reservoir in Pansar village, emphasizing infrastructure development.

Sardar Patel Sports Enclave to Host 2036 Olympic Games

The Gujarat government is committed to sports development, having initially allocated a budget of 2.5 crores for sports and games. Subsequently, Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel increased the budget to 293 crores for sports and games. The Sardar Patel Sports Enclave in Gujarat, home to the world’s largest cricket stadium, will host the 2036 Olympic Games, showcasing various sports events. Shah encouraged youth to engage in both winning and losing with sportsmanship, highlighting the importance of competition in building character.

Premier League Inaugurated in Gandhinagar Lok Sabha

Amit Shah announced the beginning of the Gandhinagar Lok Sabha Premier League, starting today with various events catering to different age groups. The games will involve over 1.5 lakh young participants, with 15,000 artists contributing to the event’s cultural and artistic aspects. Shah expressed his vision for Gujarat to lead in sports and games and emphasized the importance of sports festivals in building a healthy and active community.

Youth Inspired by Gandhinagar Lok Sabha Sports Festival

Amit Shah reached the Sabarmati Riverfront Ground and welcomed the enthusiasm of the youth, emphasizing the importance of sports in building a strong and healthy life. The Gujarat Sports Minister, Harsh Sanghvi, acknowledged the gratitude of the youth towards Amit Shah. The event witnessed the registration of 100,000 participants, showcasing the excitement and anticipation among the youth. The Chief Minister also expressed his gratitude for Amit Shah’s contribution to the youth and sports initiative.

Students and Children Celebrate Gujarat Lok Sabha Sports and Cultural Festival

Under the guidance of Amit Shah, the Gandhinagar Lok Sabha’s sports and cultural festival commenced at the Sabarmati Ground in Ahmedabad. Thousands of students and children actively participated in various sports and cultural events. The inauguration featured traditional Gujarati songs and dances, creating an energetic and festive atmosphere. The event aimed to foster a sense of unity and celebration among the youth of Gujarat.

The Unity Inspired by Sardar Patel

Today, India is united due to Sardar Saheb. The English had plans to divide India into pieces, but Sardar Saheb did not let that happen. Today, when the youth of India is told to read and understand about Sardar Saheb, they realize there is nothing more to be done. Many say that if Sardar Patel had been the first Prime Minister, the country would have achieved greatness long ago. The Congress did not give Sardar Saheb the recognition he deserved, and it took 40 years for him to be honored with the Bharat Ratna. His contributions, including the revocation of Article 370 and 35A related to Kashmir, were significant. Modi, a true son of Gujarat, achieved what Sardar Saheb couldn’t in 40 years.

Sardar Saheb’s Vision for India’s Development

India’s development will make Sardar Saheb’s soul content today. The vision of a developed India, not just in roads and bridges but in providing every citizen with a home, water, electricity, and even 5 kg of grain for the poor, is being realized. The economic growth, infrastructure development, and upliftment of the poor are signs that India is on the path of progress. The development of the infrastructure in Ayodhya, where after 500 years, people will live in their own homes, is a testament to this progress.

Inspiring the Youth with Sardar Patel’s Statue in Kevadia

A train journey from Ahmedabad to Ayodhya has been arranged for 80 days. This initiative aims to inspire the youth by installing a divine statue of Sardar Patel in Kevadia, bringing forth the vision of a developed India. The Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, will likely take office again in 2024, and it is believed that with the support of the people, he will bring about more positive changes. The people’s involvement and support are crucial for the success of these developmental initiatives.

Making Kalol the Center of Cultural and Developmental Activities

Amit Shah addressed a gathering in Pansar, stating that in the last five years, significant developmental work has been completed in Pansar, including the inauguration of a lake that will enhance the beauty of the region. The focus is now on organizing various cultural and developmental activities to make Kalol the center of these initiatives.

Rath Yatra of Developed India in 143 Panchayats of Gandhinagar

The vision of a developed India means more than just roads, bridges, and reaching the moon with Chandrayaan. It means every citizen having a home, water, electricity, and access to 5 kg of grain. In Gandhinagar, a Rath Yatra was organized in 143 panchayats to promote the idea of a developed India. This initiative aims to ensure that every individual in the country has these basic amenities.

Amit Shah Expresses Joy at the Self-Reliant Scheme Event in Ahmedabad

During a speech at the GMDC Ground in Ahmedabad, Amit Shah expressed his happiness at the Self-Reliant Scheme event. He conveyed his joy at the success of the Snehi Milan program, which symbolizes unity. Despite concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic, the country is on the path of development. The commitment to development is evident, not only in infrastructure but also in ensuring the well-being of every citizen.

“Narendra Modi to be Reelected in 2024”

Various initiatives and programs have set an exemplary standard for society, utilizing technology to provide vaccines to the entire country of 140 crore people. Obtaining a certificate has been made hassle-free. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has worked to secure India from the impacts of COVID-19. He is set to be reelected in 2024, ensuring development for the nation through small-scale employment without the need for a loan guarantee. Narendra Modi is the guarantee for providing loans without seeking any other guarantee from those receiving bank loans.

“Gujaratis Enjoy Their Rights”

In Ahmedabad, a subsidy of 3.25 crores is provided for the interest on loans. The significant figures reveal that even small traders contribute to the country’s economy. Some people have come from northern India. Gujaratis enjoy their rights; even if you are here, you will get your share, and ration will be provided through the Vanbandhu Ration scheme in Bihar. In the Lok Sabha in Gandhinagar, 5.80 lakh citizens have benefited from various schemes. Today, families are genuinely happy, and I tell everyone to become self-reliant. Thanks to the Gujarat government and Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation.

“The Prime Minister is Concerned About Everyone: Chief Minister”

In the program to distribute benefits under the PM-SVANidhi scheme at GMDC Ground today, the Chief Minister expressed that the Prime Minister is concerned about everyone. Many welfare schemes have been created, and people are benefiting. After Corona, the Pradhan Mantri SVANidhi Yojana has been launched to help poor individuals. 5.50 lakh people in Gujarat have received a loan of 700 crores.

“Unveiling of Sardar Patel’s Statue in Kalol”

At 1:45 PM, the inauguration of the lake in Pansar village near Gandhinagar and various developmental projects will be carried out. Then, at 3:00 PM in Kalol, behind the Silver Platter Hotel, a massive unity conference organized by the Sardar Patel Group and the unveiling of a 15-foot statue of Sardar Patel will take place. At 4:30 PM in Railway Ground, Sabarmati Ahmedabad, the inauguration of the Gujarat University Campus, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad, will be done.

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