Elderly Man Brutally Beaten with Pipe, Caught on Video: Youths Attack Unaware Seniors in Vadodara

Yesterday evening, in the Mathak area of Manjalpur, Vadodara city, an elderly man was brutally attacked by unknown assailants suspected of theft. The incident was captured on video, where two young men are seen assaulting the elderly man with a pipe. Upon receiving the report, the Manjalpur police rushed to the scene and took the elderly man to the police station for further action.

In this incident, the elderly person is being brutally attacked by young men, as clearly seen in the video. Instead of helping the elderly and intervening to save him from the ruthless assault, the youth are seen assaulting him. The Manjalpur police were immediately alerted to the situation, and the distressed elderly person was taken to the Manjalpur police station, where he is receiving support as he appears to be mentally disturbed due to the incident.

In this incident, a vigilant citizen had informed the police. According to the complaint filed, I used to go to my house from my company by taking my car. At that time, around 6:45 in the evening, there is a circle on the four roads of Tulsi Dham, there is fancy lighting and a submarine pump is installed for fountains. At that place, an unknown man was pulling his wire, causing people to flee. Among them, one person was seen hitting the elderly with a pipe and using foul language. I informed the police, and when the police car arrived, the assailants fled from there.

In the case of the assailant who was involved in the assault, when asked for his name and address, he remained silent and seemed mentally unstable. He was taken to the Manjalpur police station, where the Manjalpur police have registered a complaint against him regarding the assault. Further action is being taken by the authorities in this matter.

Niyati Rao

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