Raj Shekhawat Resigns to Teach Rupala a Lesson: Karni Sena Chief Criticizes Neglect of Kshatriya Community in Ticket Distribution

In Rajkot Lok Sabha meeting, the candidate Purushottam Rupala made controversial remarks about the Kshatriya community, leading to anger within the community. To pacify the dispute, a meeting of the Kshatriya community was organized in Gondal by former MLA Jayrajsinh Jadeja. During this meeting, Rupala apologized with folded hands, seeking forgiveness for stirring up the controversy. However, dissatisfaction still prevailed within the Rajput community, leading to the resignation of Gujarat BJP President Raj Shekhawat in opposition to Rupala. He stated that the welfare of the society is paramount for him, and hence, he resigns from the primary membership of the Bharatiya Janata Party with immediate effect.

My Goal Was Society and Sanatan Dharma’s Welfare: Raj Shekhawat

Regarding the controversial remarks, he expressed, “I, Dr. Raj Shekhawat, was associated with the BJP for the welfare of society and Sanatan Dharma. I became a primary member of the BJP before the Gujarat Assembly elections. At that time, my goal was society and the welfare of Sanatan Dharma. Despite being ignored by the BJP for Lok Sabha tickets of the Kshatriya community across India, considering the disregard, I believe it is appropriate for me to resign from the BJP.”

I am not going to remain in any position in the Bharatiya Janata Party

Commenting further on Purushottam Rupala’s statement, he stated, “I, Dr. Raj Shekhawat, am from Bilong, Gujarat. In a program organized by a central minister of the BJP, I made comments at a lower level regarding our Kshatriya society, our maternal power, and our Kshatriyas. This individual is also a prospective candidate for the Rajkot Lok Sabha seat. The entire Kshatriya community in Gujarat was outraged, and so far, no high command of the Bharatiya Janata Party has taken any steps to resolve the situation. Therefore, I am resigning from the primary membership of the Bharatiya Janata Party. After this, I will not remain in any position in the Bharatiya Janata Party. Society is paramount for me, and today, whatever I am, I am with the society. Society’s welfare is my welfare.”

Rupala will be given a quick response

He further stated that Purushottam Rupala will be given a quick response, and such an incident will not recur in the future. Therefore, before making any comments about the Kshatriya community in the future, any individual will reconsider a lakh times.

What comment did Rupala make?

BJP leader Purushottam Rupala made critical comments about the Kshatriya community at a public meeting of the Valmiki community. In this, he stated that the Kshatriya community had collaborated with the British, which had sparked outrage in the Kshatriya community in Gujarat. This led to demands for an apology and clarification within the Kshatriya community. While Rupala has apologized, it remains to be seen how this anger will be addressed going forward.

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