Rupala’s Apology Fails to Pacify Kshatriya Samaj’s Fury

Central Minister and Rajkot Lok Sabha candidate Parshottam Rupala’s comment about the Rajput community has sparked widespread anger among the Kshatriya community. Despite Parshottam Rupala apologizing for the anger he has caused, this anger has not subsided. On Monday, a gathering of the Kshatriya community was organized in Surendranagar regarding Parshottam Rupala’s comments. During the gathering, the Kshatriya community expressed their displeasure, stating, “Parshottam Rupala will have to face the consequences. We will not spare him even if he apologizes. Now, a lead of 5 lakhs will not suffice.”

Even a lead of 5 lakhs may not suffice.

Krishnapal Singh Jadeja, the head of the Rajput Karni Sena in Surendranagar district, has expressed anger in the Kshatriya community over the comments made by Parshottam Rupala about the Kshatriya community during a speech in Rajkot. This anger is not diminishing, despite his apology. Though he has apologized, he is a wise man. Such wise generations do not forgive those who seek forgiveness in politics. Because by seeing this, they create a precedent to lower the Kshatriya community and take the votes of other communities. That’s why this conspiracy has been hatched by showing a low-level to the Kshatriya community to take the vote of other communities. Therefore, forgiveness will not be granted. We are ready to fight until we get justice. Today’s meeting has decided that if Rupala contests in the Lok Sabha elections, our Kshatriya community will oppose it, and even a lead of 5 lakhs may not suffice. We will make efforts to defeat him.

You are seeking votes in the name of Lord Ram.

Yuvrajsinh Parmar, the leader of the Kshatriya community, has stated that forgiveness is sought from you for your inner thoughts. You are saying that Ram did not come for these people. We do not say that Ram came for us, but you make it clear that Ram came according to the Supreme Court. You are seeking votes in the name of Ram. Make political requests, fight elections, but do not keep your word against the Kshatriya community or any other community. You will not try to fight one community against another. Because your election and your politics go this way.

Keep politics in politics.

Yuvrajsinh Parmar has further stated that we have heard that tomorrow morning, you will also attempt to reconcile the Patidar community with the Kshatriya community. Therefore, I also request the Patidar community that they should not fall into the trap of any leader. These people will cheat with history, cheat with religion, cheat with scriptures, and take your vote, then celebrate festivals for five years. They will take donations of crores from companies that sell cow urine and alcohol, break all promises, and run their own homes. So keep politics in politics and society in society.

You are seeking forgiveness now, but perhaps there will come a time when we forgive you, but the public will not accept you as a candidate. Because giving 562 princely states and uniting them with the Constitution of the country was not done just for people like you who insult us when they come. Therefore, Rupala sir, listen, you will not get forgiveness.

What was the matter?

During a public event of the Valmiki community in Rajkot, Parshottam Rupala made a statement regarding the financial condition of the Kshatriya community and Rajvee family, which led to outrage among the Kshatriya community. Consequently, former Education Minister and Kshatriya community leader Bhupendrasinh Chudasama, along with other Congress leaders, including Mahesh Rajput, expressed dissatisfaction. Later, Rupala publicly apologized to the Kshatriya community through a video, stating his intention was to condemn the wrongdoings of some members of the community. There was no such intention to degrade the Kshatriya community or the Rajvee family.

What did Rupala say?

During a meeting of the BJP’s candidate Parshottam Rupala for the Rajkot Lok Sabha seat, he said in a public event of the Valmiki community that when the British ruled India, there was oppression, and the kings engaged in exploitation. But my Kshatriya community did not change religion or behavior. Ram came for the same reason after 1,000 years. They did not bend even when they had swords in front of them. Neither did they break from fear nor from hunger. These are the inheritors of the eternal religion, and I am proud of them.

Parshottam Rupala had publicly apologized through a video in which he stated that during a speech at a Valmiki community event in Rajkot, he had expressed his views. This video went viral, and it sparked anger among the Kshatriya community. Prominent figures like Bhupendrasinh Chudasama, former Education Minister and Rajya Sabha MP Keshubhai Patel – Vankaner State, and Rajvee Mandhata Singh Jadeja expressed their dissatisfaction with Rupala’s statements. They stated that they felt offended by the remarks made about the Kshatriya community and the Rajvee family. Rupala clarified that his intention was to criticize the injustices perpetrated by some individuals against their own culture and country. He expressed sincere regret and apologized wholeheartedly to the Kshatriya community and the Rajvee family for any offense caused. Therefore, I urge for this matter to be resolved amicably.

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