School Van Collision in Vadodara: Fire Brigade Rescues Driver from Front-End Wreckage

A vehicular accident occurred in the vicinity of Bhimnath Bridge in Vadodara when a van unexpectedly collided with a tree situated on the divider. The impact of the crash led to significant damage to the van’s front bumper, trapping the driver inside the vehicle.

In response to the incident, the fire brigade swiftly intervened, utilizing their expertise to extricate the trapped driver safely. Following the successful rescue operation, the driver was promptly transported for necessary medical treatment.

According to the details that came out that the car was speeding,

Incident Update: Speeding Van Causes Collision with Tree in Vadodara; Driver Rescued and Hospitalized

This morning, a tragic incident unfolded near Jetalpur Bhimnath in Vadodara as a speeding van, driven by Ajay Bharwad (20 years old), collided with a tree. The van, en route to Kendriya Vidyalaya 2, suffered extensive damage, resulting in the driver being trapped within the vehicle.

Upon receiving information about the accident, the fire department promptly responded to the scene. Utilizing specialized equipment, including a spader, the fire brigade successfully extricated the trapped driver. Subsequently, the injured driver was swiftly transported to the hospital for urgent medical attention.

According to statements from the fire department officials, the van, reportedly heading to Kendriya Vidyalaya 2, was involved in the accident due to excessive speed. Local witnesses attested to the speeding nature of the van following the collision, prompting the intervention of emergency services for a timely and efficient response.

Statement by Dandiya Bazar Fire Department Sub Fire Officer Gurunath Nayak:

Upon receiving a distress call reporting an accident near Bhimnath Bridge involving a van, the Dandiya Bazar fire department promptly initiated a response. The fire team swiftly arrived at the scene, where it was discovered that the van driver was trapped inside the vehicle.

During the collision, the front end of the van sustained significant damage as it collided with a tree, causing the steering wheel to impact the driver’s chest. The severity of the situation warranted immediate intervention to extricate the trapped driver and provide the necessary medical attention. Our team executed a prompt and coordinated effort to address the emergency and ensure the safety and well-being of the individual involved in the accident.

Following the accident, the trapped driver was successfully extricated and promptly transported to the hospital for medical attention. Subsequently, it was revealed that both legs of the driver were ensnared in the aftermath of the collision, hindering his ability to exit the vehicle independently. The rescue operation was executed seamlessly by a team of five personnel, utilizing a spader for assistance.

The injured driver, identified as Sayaji, was then transferred to the hospital to address the injuries sustained during the incident. Notably, the vehicle involved was identified as a school van. Local witnesses reported that a young girl, presumably a student, was present in the van at the time of the accident. However, her father reportedly removed her from the vehicle following the collision, as stated by the Fire Sub Officer. The timely and efficient response of the emergency personnel played a crucial role in ensuring the safety and well-being of those involved in the incident.

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