Tragic Surat Incident: Businessman’s Wife’s Untimely Demise, Son Mourns Loss of Mother’s Shelter in Accident

In a sudden and unfortunate turn of events in Surat, a 34-year-old woman met with an accident that proved fatal after a brief hospitalization. The deceased, the wife of a cloth merchant, was returning home on a moped after purchasing medicine and household essentials. Tragically, she encountered an accident on the way, resulting in her untimely demise.

During the course of the incident on the road, the woman’s life was cut short, leaving her family in profound grief. The poignant loss is underscored by the fact that, amidst the unfortunate circumstances, one of her sons has lost the comforting presence of his mother.

As Per Information, the Marriage Occurred 12 Years Ago

12 years ago, Sonal, aged 34, got married to Chintan, residing with his family in Caseal Brown Apartments in Pesu. Chintan is involved in the textile business. Sonal and Chintan began their marital journey happily after their wedding, and over the years, they have joyfully built a life together. The couple is blessed with a son.

Yesterday, Sonalben went to a nearby medical store after noon to purchase household items and medicine for the family. During her return home on a moped, an unfortunate incident occurred near the University and Someshwar Circle. According to the family’s statement, there is concern that the moped may have skidded.

Sonalben, Who Was in a Critical Condition on the Road Following the Accident, Passed Away During a Short Period of Treatment

During a routine commute, Sonalben met with an unfortunate accident, resulting in serious injuries. She was initially taken to a local hospital by passersby, whereupon, due to the severity of the situation, she was later transferred to another specialized hospital for further medical attention. Unfortunately, Sonalben succumbed to her injuries during the course of the medical interventions at the second hospital, marking a tragic end to the incident.

The family is currently grappling with a somber atmosphere as they mourn the untimely demise of Sonalben. The police are diligently investigating the circumstances surrounding the accident, aiming to gather more information and insights into the incident.

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