SRP Tragedy: Suicide in Rajkot – PGVCL Employee’s Life Cut Short, Post-Mortem Investigation Initiated

In yet another distressing incident, a member of the Special Reserve Police (SRP) employed by the Paschim Gujarat Vij Company Limited (PGVCL) reportedly committed suicide in Rajkot. The unfortunate event occurred at 4 am today when the individual used his service revolver to take his own life. Law enforcement promptly responded, transporting the deceased’s body for a thorough post-mortem examination and initiating a comprehensive investigation into the factors contributing to this tragic incident.

SRP Jawan Tragically Takes Own Life in Rajkot: Investigation Underway

In a somber turn of events, Praveenbhai Chauhan, an SRP jawan, reportedly committed suicide in the early hours of the morning. The tragic incident unfolded behind the bus stand in Rajkot city, where Praveenbhai used his service revolver to end his life. The distressing sound of the firearm alerted a fellow employee who discovered the lifeless body upon investigation. Subsequently, emergency services and the police were notified, leading to the swift removal of the deceased for post-mortem examination. Law enforcement has initiated a thorough investigation to ascertain the underlying causes that led to this unfortunate act of self-harm.

Despite Being Unwell, the Deceased SRP Jawan’s Unexpected Suicide Shocks Family

Bharat Chauhan, the nephew of the late Praveenbhai, revealed that his uncle, originally a resident of Panchmahal, served as an SRP man in Rajkot while also being employed at PGVCL. The family had traveled from Panchmahal to Chotila to check on Praveenbhai, as his health had deteriorated over the past week. According to Bharat, the plan was to assess his condition today and, if necessary, arrange for him to take leave and return home. However, to their immense shock, Praveenbhai tragically took his own life at 4 o’clock this morning.

Police Probe Continues to Uncover Motive Behind Tragic Suicide

In the aftermath of the devastating incident, law enforcement has intensified its investigation to unravel the circumstances leading to the suicide of Praveenbhai Chauhan. Despite receiving medical treatment for an undisclosed illness, the inexplicable nature of his decision has left family members perplexed. Contrary to expectations, there were no apparent troubles or concerns within the family, adding to the mystery surrounding the tragedy. As family members remain unaware of the reasons behind the suicide, the police are diligently conducting a thorough investigation to shed light on the elusive motive.

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