Italian PM Meloni’s Deepfake Video Goes Viral: Accused of Superimposing Adult Film Star’s Face with Georgia’s Face, Prime Minister Faces Heightened Demands

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni has demanded an investigation into a deepfake video case. The 40-year-old suspect allegedly posted a video of Meloni meeting her 73-year-old father on an American adult content website.

According to British media BBC, the suspect had created the deepfake video back in 2022 before Meloni became Prime Minister. It featured Meloni’s face superimposed onto the face of an adult film star. Both suspects were reportedly charged with defamation.

Meloni Demands Investigation into Deepfake Video Case

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni has demanded an investigation into a deepfake video case where she is allegedly depicted in inappropriate content. The suspect, who was apprehended by the police using mobile phone tracking, is accused of uploading the video to an American adult content website.

Meloni, seeking justice, has demanded a compensation of 1 million euros, approximately 90 lakh rupees, for the emotional distress caused. The case is scheduled to be heard in court on July 2nd.

According to reports from BBC, the suspect created the deepfake video in 2022, before Meloni assumed the position of Prime Minister, where her face was superimposed onto that of an adult film star. Both suspects are facing defamation charges.

In response to the demands, Meloni’s lawyer, Maria Giulia Marongiu, stated that the demand for compensation is symbolic. The purpose of this compensation is to send a message to the victims of such crimes that they should not be afraid to raise their voices. If the compensation is awarded, the funds will be donated to a foundation to help women who have suffered violence.

Meloni’s team has announced that thousands of people have already viewed the uploaded video. Under Italian law, such offenses can result in severe penalties and possible imprisonment. Source: BBC

Controversy Surrounds Meloni Rape Video Case

In August 2022, Giorgia Meloni was embroiled in controversy after allegedly posting a rape video. The video, purportedly from the city of Pisa, depicted an unidentified person sexually assaulting a Ukrainian refugee woman. Meloni claimed at the time of posting that she would take strict action against such incidents.

Modi Labels Deepfake Technology as Dangerous

Prime Minister Modi has expressed concern over deepfake videos, stating that “while these videos are created using AI, they are a matter of concern. They can hurt people’s sentiments on even the smallest issues across diverse sections of society. This can create difficulties.”

“When promoting AI, I often liken it to a warning label on a cigarette. Similarly, I believe that wherever it is used, there should be a warning label saying ‘this is created by deepfake technology.'”

What is Deepfake?

In today’s digital age, the internet has often been used to spread misinformation and deceptive information, and videos are no exception. This phenomenon is commonly referred to as “deepfake.” Essentially, deepfake involves the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning software to create manipulated media files, including photos, audio, and videos, that appear to be genuine. In simple terms, deepfake is an advanced form of video morphing, where the manipulated content closely resembles the original file.

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