Harrowing Tragedy: Two Brothers from Surat End Lives Together: Worked as Jewelers in Amroli, Consumed Poison, Found Unconscious

In a distressing incident in the Amroli area of Surat, two brothers have committed suicide. Both brothers were jewelers by profession. The tragedy occurred after consuming a poisonous substance. 

They were rushed to a local hospital for treatment, where unfortunately both succumbed to their condition. Currently, the Amroli police are conducting further investigations into the matter. According to relatives, both brothers were facing some personal difficulties which might have led to this extreme step.

Names of the Deceased:

  • Hiren Chandubhai Sutaria
  • Parikshit Chandubhai Sutaria
The family rushed to the hospital

Misfortune Strikes: Tragic Tale of Two Brothers

In a devastating turn of events, it has been revealed by the family member Manishbhai that both brothers consumed poison due to undisclosed reasons. They were found lying unconscious in their residence adjacent to the royal party plot. It was shocking for us when the news reached our ears. It’s unimaginable that individuals could resort to such extreme measures. 

Only the two brothers knew the real cause behind their actions. It’s beyond comprehension. Financial distress could be one of the reasons, but I cannot confirm. Both brothers were found unconscious in their home. Hiren and Parikshit worked in separate companies. They hadn’t been laid off. Hiren continued to work in his respective job.

Suspicion Arises Over Unpaid Loans: Amroli Brothers’ Tragedy

Residing in the Amroli area, both brothers do grinding diamonds, were the backbone of their family, shouldering the responsibilities of running their household in Gujarat. However, suspicions have surfaced regarding their decision to take such a drastic step of ending their lives due to concerns over unpaid loans. 

The incident prompted swift action from the Amroli police, who rushed to the scene and transported both bodies to the civil hospital for post-mortem examinations. The police are actively investigating the matter and have assured the family members of their full cooperation and support during this challenging time.

Relatives say that we do not believe that both brothers can take such a step

Family Struck by Tragedy: Both Brothers Succumb to Incident

The entire family has been deeply affected by the tragic incident as both brothers opted to end their lives simultaneously. 

The shockwaves of this devastating event have reverberated through their relatives and close acquaintances, prompting them to rush to the civil hospital seeking answers and solace during this difficult time.

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