Political Poster Dispute Escalates at Police Station: Allegations Fly Between Congolese Activists and BJP, Congress

The meeting of the Vadodara Lok Sabha constituency took a heated turn after Ranjanben Bhatt’s name was announced as the Bharatiya Janata Party’s candidate for the third time. The city witnessed tensions in the political scenario after banners against Ranjanben Bhatt were put up in various societies around the intersection of Harani Road and Sama Road. The entire day was dominated by discussions on the topic, with police questioning family members and associates of the BJP candidate based on CCTV footage. However, the mystery remains as to who was behind the placement of banners against the BJP candidate. The situation remained tense in Vadodara until late into the night.

A probe was conducted to investigate the banners put up against BJP candidate Ranjanben Bhatt in various societies near Harani Road in the city. Harish Odh, also known as Harry, a BJP worker who was putting up the banners, was questioned by the police based on CCTV footage. A team of officials, including Deputy Commissioner of Police Momaya, and senior police officers, questioned Harry Odh. After being taken to the police station in the afternoon, Harry Odh, accompanied by opposition leaders Ameebahen Ravat, Gunvant Parmar, Pavan Gupta (the city youth Congress in-charge), Kuldeepsinh Vaghela, and other leaders, as well as family members of Harry Odh, reached the police station. Discussions were held with the concerned officials.

Regarding the banners, questions were raised by Congress leaders and family members about placing Congress slogans in the police station. Afternoon saw a ruckus in the police station with the arrival of family members of Harish Odh, who was putting up the banners, along with Congress workers. Though there was no legal action against Harish Odh until late evening, questions were raised about the placement of banners and he was asked several details about it.

Regarding the banners, the police could not provide any details. DC Pannalal Momaya stated in media interaction that questions were raised about the banners placed near the Sangam Char crossroads on Harani Road. He mentioned that two other Congress workers, in agreement with Dhruvita, had admitted to placing the banners. However, they did not provide any information about who instructed them to put up the banners. This matter falls under the purview of the election commission. Whatever instructions the election commission provides will be followed accordingly. Our task was to apprehend those who violated the election code by putting up banners, and we have completed that task. Although it is a question that throughout the day, high police officials questioned Harish Odh, they might not be able to extract information regarding who instructed him to put up the banners from him.

No legal action has been taken. However, it was informed by Amiben Ravat, an opposition leader who arrived at Modhera late at night, that Harish Odh has admitted to putting up the banners. No political party or individual has raised any objections against him. However, since Lok Sabha elections require permission as per the code of conduct to put up any kind of political banners, Harish did not take permission. Therefore, the election commission can take action against him. So far, the police have not taken any legal action against him.

The opposition against Ranjanben Bhatt, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidate, has been ongoing since the time her name was announced for the Vadodara Lok Sabha seat. Even within the BJP, Dr. Jyotiben Pandya, a national convener of the Women’s Wing, has openly opposed her candidacy. Naturally, opposition from prominent figures within the BJP can benefit the opposition parties by rallying their workers against the BJP candidate. Currently, the decision rests with the election commission. Harish Odh, also known as Heri, will be released from custody until then. This development was emphasized by Amiben Ravat.

The request made by Member of Parliament Ranjanben Bhatt to put up posters regarding the vandalism issue in Vadodara was mentioned. She expressed that Vadodara’s reputation was being tarnished by such activities. The workers of the Vadodara BJP were very calm and were showing a lot of restraint, but when the news broke in the morning and a complaint was filed with the Police Commissioner, I am very grateful to the Chief Minister and the Home Minister for promptly providing information and immediately arresting the person involved in putting up these posters.

The issue will be dealt with firmly. It has been further stated that whoever is caught, it will be known. The mental state of Congress workers who did this has come out, and further questioning is underway. Those involved will face strict action from the government. You may feel that this is a warning, but it is for those behind the scenes. In their response, they have indicated that whoever they are, they will be questioned and exposed. I am more capable and can handle more challenges now. It will be a test. I am a BJP worker and have been in politics for 30 years. I have seen many ups and downs in life, but I have not done anything to harm my mind. Avadhoot is my guru. I have the blessings of Meldi. I have the blessings of every saint.

Niyati Rao

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