MP Ranjanben Bhatt Frees Hit-and-Run Accused in 2.5 Hours: Police Action Sparks Outrage!

In a concerning incident that unfolded in Fatehganj, Vadodara, students pursuing physiotherapy and fine arts were nearly run over by a reckless driver about 4 kilometers away on Rajmahal Road. The driver, associated with New Samaj Road Muktidham Society, was apprehended. Subsequently, the accused, Kush Patel, was handed over to the police. However, the situation took a dramatic turn when Member of Parliament Ranjanben Bhatt reportedly rushed to the Fatehgunj Police Station that very night. Shockingly, at 8:25 PM, the suspect was apprehended, only to be released into the MP’s custody at 10:15 PM, just within a span of two hours. 

This swift release has sparked outrage among the public, who accuse the police of leniency towards the MP. The incident has ignited a heated debate among the community regarding the MP’s influence and the perceived bias in law enforcement. The MP’s alleged intervention has raised serious questions about fairness and justice in the region, leaving the public deeply perturbed.

Kush Patel started laughing when Ranjanben came to rescue him.

Accident in Vadodara: Two Students Hit by Car

In an unfortunate incident, two students were struck by a car near the Nizampura Vadodara area in Fatehgunj. Pushkar Valand, a first-year student at Baroda Medical College in the physiotherapy department, hails from Dahod. Meanwhile, his friend Naimik Bamaniya, a first-year student in the fine arts department residing in the Samarasa Hostel at Surendranagar JGB College. 

On Sunday at around 4:15 PM, they were heading towards Nizampura Vadapanu on an Activa scooter. Near Fatehgunj Circle, a car driver collided with them. Both students sustained injuries, with Naimik suffering a fracture to his head. Following the accident, the driver fled the scene, prompting other two-wheeler riders to chase him as he attempted to escape.

In the collision, one of the two students suffered bleeding on the head, while the other suffered a fracture and was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Hit-and-Run Incident Involving Youth: Allegations Against MP Ranjanben Bhatt

A distressing hit-and-run incident occurred on Rajmahal Road, involving a car and three individuals, one of whom was a young woman. After the locals handed over the suspect to Raopura Police, Fatehgunj Police took custody of the case. The driver, identified as 20-year-old Kush Patel from New Samaj Road Muktidham Society, was apprehended. The car carried three individuals, including the young woman, who was heading for a pre-wedding photoshoot at Lakshmi Vilas Palace. 

Due to his family’s ties with MP Ranjanben Bhatt, the suspect was swiftly escorted to the police station by the MP herself that night. This incident, captured on video, sparked public outcry as it raised questions about preferential treatment. The police booked the suspect under IPC sections 279, 337, 338, and Motor Vehicle Acts 117, 184, and 134, noting the severity of the offense.

A picture of Kush Patel when he was arrested

Who is Kush Patel?

Kush Rajeshbhai Patel, aged 20, has pursued mechanical engineering studies. He resides in Muktidham Society on New Samaj Road. He is associated with his father’s dairy business. It was on his birthday when Kush encountered an accident unexpectedly.

Kush Patel drove recklessly on the road and hit both the students.

Resolution Without Complaint: A Misunderstanding Unfolds

Upon my arrival from Delhi, I learned of an incident that had taken place. Both parties had seemingly reached a resolution without lodging a formal complaint. Locals from the society where the incident occurred had previously sought out those involved. Interestingly, the affected parties had not filed any complaints. Instead, young residents of the hostel had resorted to online complaints as a form of protest. 

When the affected party conversed with their uncle, he too had refrained from pursuing a complaint. The young man who met with an accident has since returned home after being granted bail. His case is under scrutiny by the authorities. It’s unfortunate that the resolution thought to have been reached has turned out to be false. – Ranjanben Bhatt, Member of Parliament

A picture of police detaining Kush Patel

Signal Violation Leads to Collision

As my friend Naimik and I were riding our mopeds towards the Seven Seas, I made an error myself; I was on the wrong side. I had crossed the road without checking properly. When the traffic signal was red, a car driver ran the signal and collided with us head-on. Both of us were bewildered by the sudden impact. Afterwards, I don’t recall much. – Pushkar Valand, Victim of the Incident

A picture of the conversation between Ranjanben and Kush Patel at the police station

Importance of Obtaining a Police Report for the Patient’s Condition

According to the experts in criminal law, cases noted under specific penal codes are considered legally substantial. Therefore, it is advisable to obtain a comprehensive report from the police regarding the condition of the patient. While the police station can provide the necessary documentation for legal purposes, it is crucial to understand the procedures involved and ensure that the report details the specifics of the patient’s condition accurately.

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