Arrest Made in Hit-and-Run Tragedy: Harani Police Apprehends Driver Involved in Fatal Vadodara Accident, Claims One Life

Accident in Khodiyar Nagar, Vadodara

In an incident that occurred ten days ago near the Khodiyar Nagar area in Vadodara, the police have arrested the driver of the car involved in a hit-and-run case. Two youths were injured in the accident, and one of them, who was critically injured, succumbed to his injuries in the hospital. The police investigation led to the arrest of the accused driver.

Friends Met for Tea; One Killed in Accident

On the night of November 18, four friends, including Prakash Pravinbhai Marwadi (25 years old) from Savad Quarters, Vadodara, and Gautambhai Bhikhabhai Tadvi (20 years old) from Laxminagar Society, Azad Road, Vadodara, gathered at Prakash’s house. Around 1 AM, Gautam and Prakash, along with two other friends, went to Muralidhar Pan Parlor near Pancham Elite to have tea. However, finding the tea stall closed, the friends decided to return and headed towards the S. R. Petrol Pump nearby.

Collision with Car; Two Friends Injured

Gautam and Prakash were heading towards Lalabhai’s tea stall located on the lari (cart) for a late-night tea session. During this time, around 1:20 AM, near Khodiyarnagar Char Rasta in Vadodara, they encountered an incident. A driver of a crate car suddenly emerged, resulting in a collision with Gautam and Prakash. Consequently, both Gautam and Prakash were injured in the road accident. Further details about the extent of their injuries and the aftermath of the incident are not provided in the text.

Hey Buddy, Quickly Dial 108… This is Our Scene

At that moment, a car driver was involved in an accident. Immediately after the incident, someone recorded a video on their mobile phone. In the video, a person, seemingly witnessing the entire incident, urges others to call emergency services by saying, “Hey buddy, quickly dial 108… Hey, this is our scene…” The exact details of the incident or the nature of the emergency are not provided in the text.

Arrest of the Accused

During this time, Gautam was caught, and injuries to his face and lower leg were observed. Serious injuries were sustained by Prakash on the upper part of his head. Consequently, Prakash was admitted to the ICU. The police registered a case in connection with the incident. Meanwhile, Prakash succumbed to his injuries in the hospital. The police initiated a search for the driver using CCTV footage. During this period, the police arrested the accused suspect Gajanan Kukate (22) and took further legal action.

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