RR Kabel Group Faces IT Raids Across 40+ Locations, Uncovering Crores in Unaccounted Black Money

RR Kabel Group’s IT department operates in the Vadodara unit near Waghodia GIDC, known for producing wire and cables. The IT department covers more than 40 locations, including Vadodara, Ahmedabad, Surat, Selvas, and Mumbai. Today, the Income Tax department conducted a raid at the Vadodara Saurabh Compound, where the Income Tax team carried out investigations in the company’s auditorium, placing 40 office staff under scrutiny.

IT Officials Interrogate RR Kabel Group Employees in Vadodara

A team of 15 IT officials, accompanied by robust police presence, interrogated employees during the raid in Vadodara. The possibilities of unaccounted wealth running into crores during the raid were not denied.

Team Arrives in Four Vehicles

According to available information, the IT department team reached RR Kabel’s Vadodara unit. The company, with an estimated workforce of around 1,000 employees, saw 15 IT officials arriving in four vehicles during the early morning shift. The scrutiny extended to RR Kabel’s head office in Saurabh Compound.

Mobile Phones Confiscated During Raids

In the first shift today, office staff reaching the company’s gate were halted for inspection. The mobile phones of 40 employees were confiscated right outside the company’s gate and later stored in the company’s auditorium one by one.

Seizure of Crucial Documents

According to the information obtained by the IT team, data related to the company’s production and sales were seized from the offices during the raid. The IT department also retrieved data on raw materials from the RR Kabel Group’s IT division. Additionally, some crucial documents were seized by the IT team.

Varied Information Gathered by IT Team

The IT team not only gathered information from the RR Kabel Group’s office near Vadodara but also obtained data related to production and sales from the company’s offices. Furthermore, the IT team initiated an investigation into annual turnover, CSR funds, and other details. The employees’ mobile phones were confiscated as they arrived at the office, and the Income Tax department sought assistance from the local police during the operation.

Sponsorship Contributions by RR Kabel Group

According to available information, RR Kabel Group, located near Vadodara, has sponsored events such as Ganeshotsav and Navratri festivals in Vadodara. Additionally, the company has sponsored the police station in Vadodara city-district and provided sponsorship to RR Kabel’s board in government buildings and societies.

Significant Developments Post-Diwali

Following Diwali, there have been substantial developments in the collective operations of RR Kabel’s Income Tax department. A significant financial turmoil unfolded during the income tax department’s investigation, revealing unaccounted wealth amounting to crores. The employees underwent scrutiny, and the company faced multiple challenges during this period.

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