Quick-Thinking Sister Scares Off Monkeys to Save Toddler: A Heroic Act

The incidence of burglaries escalating into violent confrontations has been noted from society to society. People are providing food, and burglaries are now entering homes as well. Many videos and news related to daily burglaries are going viral on social media. But now, a story connected with burglaries and technology has come to light, leaving people amazed.

According to reports, this incident took place at the residence of Pankaj Ojha, in the development colony of Uttar Pradesh. Burglars had attacked his house. At that time, his 13-year-old daughter Nikita and 15-month-old niece were at home. Nikita got scared as burglars entered the kitchen. At that moment, her attention went to Alexa. Nikita ordered Alexa to bark in the voice of a dog. As soon as the command was received, Alexa emitted a dog’s barking sound. Hearing the dog’s bark, the burglars got scared and fled. In this way, Nikita saved herself and her innocent niece from the burglars.

The burglars instilled terror by breaking into the house.

Nikita, who resides in the housing development colony, was playing at home with her 15-month-old niece, Vamika. Both were sitting on the sofa near the kitchen. At that time, besides the two innocent children, there was no one else at home. Suddenly, the burglars’ gang entered the house and started rummaging through the kitchen, throwing away utensils and food items.

Seeing a burglar nearby, both girls got frightened. Vamika started crying out of fear. The burglars were about to attack them when Nikita, in panic, looked towards the Alexa device placed near the fridge.

Hearing the dog’s bark, the burglars fled.

Nikita instructed Alexa to make a dog-like sound. With the voice command received, Alexa immediately started emitting a dog’s bark at full volume. Startled by the sound of barking, the burglars panicked and ran away from there.

Pankaj Ojha, the head of the family, remarked that they had never imagined that Alexa could be so useful. This incident makes it clear that if technology is used properly, we can accomplish many tasks alongside society.

Niyati Rao

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