Vadodara Car Rental Scam: Beware False Proof When Rent for Self-Driving

If you also rent a car to someone, beware. Because currently in Vadodara, there have been cases where individuals, using forged documents such as Aadhar cards and driving licenses, have obtained rental cars and then engaged in various crimes. The Crime Branch has taken more action in apprehending individuals involved in house burglaries and vehicle thefts. One such individual had obtained a car on rent by providing false documents at the self-driving office. Later, they were involved in burglary in locked houses and shops, as well as stealing vehicles.

Innova Car Rented Out

A complaint was lodged at the Deer Police Station on March 26. According to the complaint, a person who works at a self-driving office had rented a car. On March 6, an unidentified person had visited the office of the complainant and stated that a car is required for self-driving for 15 days. Later, the accused chose to rent a Toyota Urban Cruiser car (worth Rs. 5,50,000).

Phone and Car GPS Disabled

The accused, under the pretext of submitting identity proofs, such as driving license, Aadhar card, and mobile number, gained trust and rented a car for two days. After two days, upon providing further documents, the car was rented out. Later, the accused repeatedly called the complainant and disabled the phone and car GPS. After verifying the submitted identification documents, finally, a complaint was lodged at the Deer Police Station regarding cheating.

Swift Action near Tulsi Dham Crossroads

During the investigation by the Crime Branch based on this complaint, accused involved in undetected crimes were apprehended based on technical and human intelligence. Subsequently, during the interrogation of the accused involved in these crimes, Sahil Sajid Ali Sheikh (age 24, resident of Gangabai Kabrastan, Pratapnagar, Vadodara) was apprehended near the junction of Manjalpur Tulsi Dham Crossroads, where he was interrogated by the police.

Theft in Sultanpura Bound Shop

Sahil informed the police that he is involved in crimes with the gang of house burglaries. And with the gang of house burglaries, he had also stolen a Maruti Eco car from Ghantgharatiya. This car was used to commit theft in Sultanpura-bound shops. Upon reviewing the criminal history of the accused, Sahil had previously been apprehended by the police four times for prohibition-related crimes and one case of assault, resulting in police apprehending him in four different crimes.

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