Gandhinagar Resident Faces 2-Year Penalty for Check Return Case: Took Money from Friend to Cover Payment

In sector 27 of Gandhinagar, a man residing there had borrowed Rs. 8,85,000 from his friend over fifteen years to fulfill his father’s financial requirements in the cooperative society. However, when the time came for the return of the borrowed money, the borrower failed to do so. As a result, an additional chief judicial magistrate of the Gandhinagar District Court, Judge R.V. Limbachia, has ordered a two-year sentence for the defendant in a case of check return.

Legal Action for Unreturned Loan

Chintanbhai, residing in sector 24 of Harshiddh Nagar, Gandhinagar, filed a complaint in Gandhinagar Court under the Negotiable Instruments Act, stating that Sandeepgiri Babugiri Goswami, his friend for many years from sector 27 of Randheja’s hometown, owed him money due to his father’s financial requirements in the cooperative society.

Sandeepgiri had requested Rs. 8,85,000 from Chintanbhai. Recognizing each other for a long time, Chintanbhai had given the money to Sandeepgiri under a two-year agreement of friendship. However, when the agreed time passed, Sandeepgiri failed to return the money. Despite several reminders, he even issued a check, which bounced due to insufficient funds.

The check was deposited into banks by Chintanbhai, but it returned due to insufficient balance. Later, Chintanbhai’s father also received threatening phone calls. Eventually, Chintanbhai filed a complaint at Sector 21 Police Station. Later, through a lawyer, Chintanbhai filed a complaint in the Gandhinagar Court for the return of the check. In this case, after hearing arguments from both sides in the court of Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate R.V. Limbachia, the court ordered Sandeepgiri Goswami to undergo a two-year sentence for check fraud.

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