Honeytrap Gang Dupes Businessman of ₹17 Lakh in Surat: Crime Branch Nabs 4 Suspects

Living on Rander Road in Surat and working at a temple, a businessman was trapped by four unknown youths and two women in a honey trap. Later, they extorted Rs. 17 lakh from him. The Jahangirpura Police Mathak noted the crime. The Crime Branch seized Rs. 11.18 lakh from the toll booth in Hani Trap, which was swiftly extracted from just a farm in Anungaam near Navsari. The police have seized a total of Rs. 11.18 lakh. The arrested accused had trapped well-known people in the city using women engaged in prostitution. Subsequently, fake police officials extorted lakhs of rupees.

Stopper in Two-Bedroom Home Measures the Temple

Residing near the New Era College on Rander Road in Surat and engaged in temple business, a few days ago, a businessman was at his shop when women were called home to measure the temple at their home. When the women went to measure the temple in the bedroom, they suddenly stopped at the stopper of both bedrooms. Meanwhile, another woman in the second bedroom started undressing herself. As the businessman went to open the bedroom stopper, the women pushed him and beat him on the bed. Along with this, four unknown men entered the bedroom and identified themselves to the police.

Threatened to File a Fake Police Case

Suddenly, fake police dressed in police uniforms threatened a businessman at home, asking if he was running a prostitution ring in his house. Then, the police threatened to file a case and demanded Rs. 15 lakh as a bribe. Later, negotiations were held, and a demand of Rs. 15 lakh was made for the settlement. Consequently, the businessman paid Rs. 10 lakh at that time and another Rs. 5 lakh the next day to save himself. However, demanding more money, Rs. 17 lakh in total was handed over to the toll booth by the businessman in the name of P.I. Sahib. Later, the businessmen filed a police complaint against the demands made by the accused.

Four Surrounded the Farm from All Sides

Based on the complaint filed by the businessman, the Jahangirpura Police initiated an investigation to apprehend the accused. During the investigation, the Crime Branch police joined in. With the help of Hani Trap, the police successfully caught the gang that was extorting money from people. In a swift operation by Surat city’s Crime Branch Police in Anurag village near Navsari, four men surrounded the farm from all sides and apprehended four accused, while two women were publicly announced as wanted.

Confiscation of Rs. 11.18 lakh in the Matta Case

The accused arrested by the police, named Ramesh alias Ram Vallabh Naviya, Rahul Ramesh Kathiriya, Maya Saida, and Ketan Bhadani, were found with Rs. 5,69,000 in cash, Rs. 49,000 in 7 mobile phones seized from them. Also, duplicate police sub-inspector cards were found with the accused Ram Vallabh Naviya alias Ramesh. In addition, Maya had a Times Watch Press card, with other cards like debit card, MasterCard, Aadhar card, PAN card, driving license. Thus, the police seized a total of Rs. 11.18 lakh from the accused.

History of Arrested Suspects

All the suspects arrested by the police have a history behind them. Among them, Ramesh, also known as Ram Navadiya, has a history of involvement in theft cases in Mahidhapura and Kapodra. Subsequently, the Eighth Police Station had a warrant in connection with theft cases. Suspect Rahul Ramesh Kathiriya had been involved in creating three chit funds in Chetrapindi and was arrested by the police in Mahidhapura and one in Kapodra. Even earlier, Maya Saida had been arrested by the Umra Police Station for posing as a duplicate journalist. Hence, the police are now handling all the cases legally.

Luring Customers

In this entire case, all the suspects exhibited a modus operandi. They used to stay in Lalana’s contact, and when a reputable person came into Lalana’s contact, they used to lure them to House No. 3 in the Culture Park in the afternoon. Later, the suspects would enter the house as police officers, frightening the customers and extorting money from them in the name of raiding the house. The captured gang has been engaging in such activities for a long time, and they have targeted many people.

Merchant Summoned under the Pretext of Orders

For many days, as no major prey came into their hands, finally, they summoned the merchant under the pretext of constructing a temple and came to take measurements. They called the merchant to the seashore near Lalana’s mother’s temple to bring him to the Culture Row House. After taking measurements in the businessman’s bedroom, Lalana closed the door to the bedroom. Later, the trio opened the door, entered, identified themselves as police officers, abused the businessman, and threatened him. They extorted Rs 17 lakh from him in separate compartments.

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