ATM Robbery: Smart or Bank’s Blunder? 25 Lakh Stolen, No Guard At ATM

Two days prior, a staggering theft of Rs. 25 lakhs occurred in an ATM in Limbdi district. It was only after two days that the Digital team arrived in Limbdi to assess the reality of the ATM. Out of a total of 10 ATMs belonging to various banks, only one had a security guard stationed. This stark contrast raised questions about the thieves’ intelligence or the banks’ negligence, as the absence of a guard seemed to have facilitated the robbery.

Unraveling the Night of Robberies: Surveillance and Absence of Security

At 9:05 PM, the theft took place at an SBI ATM in Yogi Complex, where the ATM was conspicuously unguarded. At 9:15 PM, near Station Road, another unattended SBI ATM became a target. The scenario repeated at 9:30 PM near Rana Auto’s BOB ATM, and at 9:45 PM near Baylapara Chabutra’s SBI ATM. Despite the presence of people and vehicles, security guards were notably absent.

A Trail of Unattended ATMs and Security Lapses

The night unfolded with a pattern of unattended ATMs: at 9:55 PM near Limbdi Mahalakshmi Chambers, the closed HDFC ATM went unnoticed; at 10 PM near H.K. School, the deserted BOI ATM remained unguarded; and at 10:30 PM near Luhar Suthar’s Vadi, both Axis Bank and Corporate Bank ATMs lacked security presence. This string of unattended ATMs paved the way for the theft spree.

The Culmination: Police Intervention and Crackdown

By 11 PM, the thieves had targeted eight ATMs, leading to police intervention. The police, led by Dr. Girish Pandya of the Surendranagar district, along with officers from various departments, swiftly arrived at the scene. A coordinated effort ensued, resulting in the apprehension of the thieves’ gang, marking the culmination of the night’s events.

A Story of Security Oversights and Law Enforcement Response

The sequence of events in Limbdi paints a picture of security oversights at various ATM locations, highlighting the need for enhanced vigilance and measures to deter such criminal activities. However, swift police action ultimately led to the apprehension of the perpetrators, underscoring the importance of law enforcement in maintaining public safety.

Theft Reported from ATM in Meethapur

Theft from an ATM was reported late at night from the vicinity of Meethapur in Bavla taluka after the incident took place in the premises of an SBI ATM in Limbdi. The stolen items included separate parts of ATMs such as gas cylinders and gas cutters, which were found in the fields near Meethapur village. Bavla and Limbdi D-ESPI police reached the scene to initiate further action.

Color Footage Captured in CCTV to Aid Robbery

An ATM on Limbdi Bus Stand Road was vandalized during the night by Modi, raising concerns of a theft worth lakhs of rupees. The CCTV footage captured color images, raising questions about law enforcement and security arrangements in Limbdi. Police patrols failed to deter the robbers, as the robbery took place during the night. Upon learning of the incident, the police arrived at the scene and began a thorough investigation. The perpetrators managed to escape after breaking the ATM drawer.

Robbers Execute Plan During Midnight

The robbers executed their plan during the night, leaving the ATM on Limbdi Bus Stand Road vulnerable. The robbery caused chaos and raised alarms, with no security guard present at the ATM at the time. Despite two days passing since the incident, the suspects have not yet been apprehended by the police.

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