Surat Spa Shock: Video Captures Spa Owner Assaulting Employee Over Salary Dispute

A disconcerting incident reminiscent of a recent occurrence in Ahmedabad has unfolded at a private spa center in Surat’s Pal area. The incident transpired when a female employee at the spa confronted the spa manager over unpaid wages, leading to a physical altercation between the two. The entire incident was captured on video, bringing attention to the matter. In response, the Pal police promptly registered the woman’s complaint, leading to the arrest of the spa operator implicated in the incident. Legal proceedings have been initiated in connection with the case.

Workplace Dispute Escalates: Female Employee Assaulted for Salary Demand

A distressing incident has recently been brought to attention, involving a female employee at the People’s Wellness Spa Center, situated in the Bhagyaratna Shopping Center on Pal Galaxy Road in Surat. The employee, seeking her rightful wages, was reportedly subjected to physical assault by the spa manager, identified as Piyush Gandhi. This incident draws parallels with a similar occurrence in Ahmedabad that transpired only a few days prior. The victim, in this case, approached Spa Manager Piyush Gandhi to address unpaid salary concerns, resulting in her being physically assaulted.

Brawl followed by blows.

Disturbing Altercation Unveiled: Spa Manager Assaults Employee Over Salary Dispute

Recent developments reveal a troubling incident within a spa center where a female employee sought her outstanding salary, resulting in a heated confrontation with the spa manager. The situation escalated into a physical altercation, culminating in the spa manager assaulting the woman on the premises of the spa center. The entirety of this distressing incident was captured on a mobile phone and has since been made public.

Spa Manager Detained Following Assault Complaint

In the aftermath of a distressing incident at a spa center, the spa manager, identified as Piyush Gandhi, has been detained by the police. The detainment follows a formal complaint filed by the female employee, who was the victim in the altercation. The complaint was lodged at the Pal police station, prompting a swift response from law enforcement. The police, taking cognizance of both the woman’s account and the surfaced video evidence, registered a case against the spa manager and proceeded with his arrest, initiating legal proceedings.

Arrest of spa-manager based on complaint.

Legal Proceedings Initiated in Response to Assault Complaint, Confirms ACP B. Chaudhary

In response to a recent incident at the People’s Wellness Spa Center in Pal area, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) B. Chaudhary has confirmed the initiation of legal proceedings based on the filed complaint. The incident involved a physical altercation between the spa manager and a female employee who had been working at the spa for an extended period. ACP B. Chaudhary provided details, stating that the altercation ensued two days prior when the female employee, having resigned from her position, confronted the spa manager regarding her unpaid salary. The dispute escalated, resulting in the spa manager allegedly assaulting the woman. Following the victim’s complaint at the Pal police station, charges were registered, including assault, leading to the arrest of the accused and the commencement of legal action.

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