Late-Night Employee Abuse Complaint at Galaxy Spa on Sindhu Bhavan Road

In Ahmedabad, on Sindhu Bhavan Road, a video has emerged showing a young man or woman being assaulted at a spa. This incident has triggered a swift response from the entire Ahmedabad police force. However, it’s worth noting that the victim did not report the incident to the police at the time or undergo an immediate investigation. Currently, the authenticity and severity of the situation are under scrutiny. The senior officials are actively investigating the matter. Moreover, the victim has now arrived at the Bodakdev Police Station, and details of her contact with the spa manager have come to light. This case has become a focal point for all city agencies and local law enforcement to actively apprehend the suspects.

The afflicted young Woman has Reached the Police Station in Bodakdev.

This incident, which unfolded in the Bodakdev area, has stirred chaos across the state. It’s not just a matter of the young woman attempting to save herself from the young man’s assault; the situation escalated when she was forcibly taken inside the spa. The entire case is currently under investigation by local law enforcement, and the process of recording the complaint is also underway. The victim is now present at the Bodakdev Police Station, where she is being questioned by female police officers. Additionally, an organization has offered assistance to the young woman and has accompanied her to the police station. Further details about her ordeal are emerging in this context.

Accused Allegedly Assaulted Complainant

According to information obtained from the complaint, on the night of September 25, 2023, at around 3:30 AM, the complainant, along with their associate, accused Mohsinhusen Rangrej and S. Mira Salunna’s manager Dignanbhai, were cleaning at the ‘The Galaxy Spa’ located in Times Square Grand Building on Sindhu Bhavan Road. At this time, the accused Mohsinhusen Rangrej allegedly confronted the complainant, accusing her of having an altercation with their colleague while working at our S. Mira Salon. The complainant was allegedly verbally abused by the accused before he reportedly assaulted her, striking her twice. During this altercation, Dig­nan­bhai, tried to intervene and separate them, but the accused also allegedly struck the complainant once.

Police Arrive at Accused’s Home, but He Was Already on the Run

In the ongoing case, efforts to apprehend the accused have been made at various locations, including a visit by a police team to the residence of the spa manager, Dignanbhai, in Limbdi. Upon their arrival, his wife responded, saying, “He has gone out.” It has come to light that the spa, which incurred substantial costs, was a center for the public, and the victim had connected with it as well. However, the exact cause of the dispute that occurred that day has not yet been clearly established. Both young men, Ayan and Mohsin, were found to be residing in Dandi Limbdi, Rajasthan, and were discovered to have left their homes, taking clothes with them, as informed to their families.

Multiple Teams Engaged in Investigation

The incident in Ahmedabad has now become a matter of significant concern for the police, prompting the establishment of a dedicated task force to track down the accused individuals. Different teams are actively involved in the investigation, with the Ahmedabad Crime Branch and senior officers also joining the efforts. The entire case is undergoing a thorough and impartial examination after hearing the victim’s account, and concerted efforts are underway to ensure justice is served.

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