Tamil Nadu Govt Displays Chinese Rocket in Ad,Modi Criticizes DMK

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated ISRO’s new launch complex in Kulasekhara Pattinam on Wednesday, the second day of his visit to Tamil Nadu. This project had been announced through advertisements in local newspapers by the DMK government. The advertisement features a Chinese rocket.

PM Modi addresses rally in Tirunelveli

Addressing a rally in Tirunelveli, PM Modi said, “The DMK government cannot tolerate India’s progress. They issue advertisements but do not mention India’s achievements. Now they have put up a Chinese sticker to take credit for ISRO’s launch pad.”

PM Modi criticizes DMK’s actions

PM Modi stated, “The DMK government is busy putting up Chinese stickers. They did not attend the launch ceremony in Tamil Nadu but are now eager to take credit for ISRO’s launch pad.”

Accusations against the state government

PM Modi accused the DMK of not acknowledging India’s progress in the space sector. He mentioned that they did not mention India’s achievements and were not keen on highlighting India’s space success.

Previous visit and BJP’s accusations

During his earlier visit to Tamil Nadu on February 27, PM Modi had participated in the concluding ceremony of the “En Mannan En Makal” (My Land, My People) program, which had been a six-month-long procession starting in July.

BJP’s allegations against DMK

BJP’s state president Annamalai accused the DMK government of neglecting the country’s sovereignty. Annamalai stated on social media that the DMK government’s love for China has not diminished. Today’s advertisement is an example of that.

Accusations against the state government

The state government is accused of neglecting the space program. Annamalai criticized the state government based on their example.

BJP’s allegations against DMK

BJP’s state president further stated, “Because of the DMK, Satish Dhawan Space Center has moved outside. When ISRO first conceived the launch, Tamil Nadu was their first choice. The then CM Thiru Annadurai, who was unwell at the time, could not attend the meeting, so he appointed his minister Mathiyazhagan.”

ISRO’s struggle and current developments

ISRO officials had to wait for a long time to find a suitable location, and later, the center was established in Andhra Pradesh. This same process was followed 60 years ago when the country’s space program began. There has been no significant change in ISRO’s status quo.

New launch pad details

The new ISRO launch pad project in Kulasekarapattinam will cost 986 crore rupees. There will be 24 launches per year from here. The complex will include 35 facilities and a mobile launch structure.

Statement by ISRO Chief S. Somanath

Regarding the new launch pad, ISRO Chief S. Somanath said, “Land acquisition is complete, and the Tamil Nadu government has transferred the land to us. Construction will begin, and it will take approximately 2 years to complete. The SSLV launch will take place here in two years.

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