Massive Fire Engulfs Jamnagar’s Reliance Mall: Anant Ambani Arrives Overnight

A fierce fire broke out around 10 o’clock last night in the Reliance Mall near Moti Khavdi, close to Jamnagar. By early morning today, the inferno had escalated, requiring the assistance of more than 30 fire fighters to bring it under control. The fire was so intense that plumes of smoke could be seen from far away. Immediately after the incident, a team of firefighters was dispatched from Jamnagar. Teams from other districts also arrived to combat the blaze. The fire caused chaos inside and outside the mall premises, resulting in a traffic jam on the Jamnagar-Khambhalia highway. Police personnel reached the scene to manage the situation.

Limited Damage Despite Intense Blaze

The fire, which erupted early morning in the Reliance Mall near Moti Khavdi, was brought under control by 5:00 AM with the assistance of more than 30 firefighters from Jamnagar. Although the fire was severe, it was contained to a significant extent. Despite the ongoing smoke, the situation is gradually improving.

Authorities Mobilize for Response and Assessment

A large contingent of police personnel, including the District Collector, SDM, and district police officials, reached the site of the incident. The majority of the district police force is actively engaged in managing the situation.

Anant Ambani Inspects the Scene of the Incident

Following the fire incident in the mall near Khavdi, Anant Ambani, son of Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani, arrived at the scene around 1:00 AM for inspection. Anant Ambani is currently in Jamnagar. Several officials from Reliance, including Vice President Dhara Raj Nathwani, also visited the scene.

No Casualties Reported: Reliance Spokesperson

According to a spokesperson from Reliance, the fire broke out after the mall’s operations were completed for the day. There were no casualties or injuries reported. RIL’s Fire Tender, along with Jamnagar District Authority and Fire Department, rushed to the scene and made efforts to bring the fire under control. Investigations into the cause of the fire will be conducted.

Firefighters’ Efforts at Reliance Mall

More than 30 firefighters worked to contain the fire engulfing the Reliance Mall. Teams from Khambhalia Municipality, Rajkot, Jamnagar GSFCS, as well as Reliance’s own fire brigade, were deployed to tackle the blaze. Additionally, over 108 ambulances and medical teams from surrounding companies and areas were stationed on standby.

Assistance from Rajkot: Two Firefighters Deployed

Upon receiving news of the fire at the Reliance Mall near Khavdi, Chairman of Rajkot Municipal Corporation Standing Committee, Jaymin Thakar, immediately instructed Chief Fire Officer IV Khera to dispatch two fire tenders from Rajkot to Jamnagar for assistance. Chairman Jaymin Thakar stated that if more firefighters are required, Rajkot Municipal Corporation is prepared to provide additional support.

Evacuation of Cinema Hall Adjacent to the Mall

Alongside efforts to contain the fire at the Reliance Mall, authorities evacuated a cinema hall located adjacent to the building where a movie was being screened. Approximately 15 people were inside the hall, along with 13 staff members, totaling more than 28 individuals. They were promptly evacuated to safety, with no reported injuries or casualties.

Readiness for Emergency at GG Hospital

In response to the severe fire at Reliance Mall near Khavdi, medical teams, nursing staff, and personnel from the surgical department were placed on standby at GG Hospital in Jamnagar. Beds were also prepared to handle any potential casualties, although no significant injuries were reported.

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