Land Scam Exposed: Couple Faces 3-Day Deadline to Return 1.46 Crores from Sale on Rajkot-Ahmedabad Highway

The Rajkot couple filed a false declaration to acquire land in the Rajkot-Ahmedabad six-lane project and received Rs. 1.46 crore from the government. Subsequently, when an individual demanded an investigation into this fraudulent acquisition of land, the Deputy Collector of Rajkot City-2 ordered the couple to return the amount. However, the couple approached the High Court, resulting in a reprimand from the court. Now, they have been ordered by Rajkot City-2 to return the fraudulently acquired amount within three days, failing which their property will be confiscated or contempt of court proceedings will be initiated against them.

Fraud Revealed in Land Acquisition by the Couple

According to available information, Kumudiben Vasantrai Hindocha and her husband Jyotinbhai Ghanshyambhai Nathvani, residents of Ramnagar-8 near Rajkot’s P.D.M. College, received Rs. 1,46,57,099 for the land at Kuwadva’s survey number 545, measuring 1,145 square meters, purportedly meant for land acquisition by the government. At that time, the village office’s records were examined meticulously. Meanwhile, Pannalal Pirchand Kochra, residing in Kolkata, had claimed ownership of this land and had submitted documents dating back to 2004.

Court Proceedings Yield Compensation

As per the records, this land was registered under the names of two partners of Continental Transport Agency. One of the partners, Surendrakumar Manekchand Bhadani, had transferred it to Pannalal under registered release deed in 2011, and the transfer had been recorded. The couple from Rajkot had concealed the documents related to the auction and transfer of ownership of this land. After 19 years, they filed a case in Rajkot court and received compensation for land acquisition.

Notice Issued to Return the Amount in Three Days

According to Rajkot City-2 Deputy Mamlatdar Chudasama, during the ongoing case regarding the land acquisition, all evidence and documents were examined before the Deputy Collector of Rajkot City-2. During this process, it was revealed that the couple had falsely claimed compensation of Rs. 1.46 crore for land acquisition. They were ordered to deposit the amount within ten days. When Kumudiben Vasantrai Hindocha and her husband Jyotinbhai Ghanshyambhai Nathvani filed a case in the High Court, they were also reprimanded. Now, Rajkot City-2 has issued a notice to the couple to deposit the compensation amount within three days. If they fail to do so, contempt of court proceedings will be initiated against them.

Stringent Action to be Taken Now

It is noteworthy that the work on the Rajkot-Ahmedabad highway, which includes the six-lane project, was underway. Through meticulous investigation, it was found that certain individuals were fraudulently acquiring land along the highway. Although compensation for this land acquisition had been disbursed, the Rajkot couple managed to receive compensation through fraudulent means. This matter reached the High Court, which has now ordered them to return the compensation amount. Henceforth, stringent action will be taken through the legal system.

Niyati Rao

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