Diwali Chaos: Ahmedabad’s Sindhubhan Road Endangered by Reckless Firecracker Bursts, Traffic Jams, Police Spectators

In Ahmedabad, the celebration of Diwali is typically marked by joy and festivity. However, this year, Sindhubhavan Road witnessed an unusual atmosphere due to the activities of some defiant youngsters. Unaware of any restrictions, these young individuals resorted to bursting firecrackers in the middle of the road, endangering the lives of motorists. The audacious act led to traffic jams on the road, making it difficult for people to reach their homes and celebrate the festival with their families. Even on Diwali night, the traffic situation on Sindhubhavan Road was chaotic, with a police car getting stuck in the congestion, but no significant action was taken against the mischief-makers. Despite innocent drivers being questioned, the authorities seem to be struggling to identify the culprits behind these acts.

Firecrackers Explode on the Streets – Ahmedabad Witnesses Unprecedented Scenes

Some residents of Ahmedabad took their display of strength to the streets by lighting firecrackers worth thousands of rupees on Sindhubhavan Road. While some chose footpaths, others, more audaciously, burst firecrackers on the road itself. No one seemed to be concerned about any potential restrictions or regulations. The scene attracted a crowd, including bewildered and distressed onlookers, while even the police were left watching. The spectacle continued into the night, leaving ordinary citizens astonished and perturbed.

Traffic Jams from Taj Hotel to Pakwan Crossroads – Police Grants Permission for Firecrackers on Four Roads

To facilitate firecracker bursting on four roads from Taj Hotel to Pakwan Crossroads, the police had given permission for an organized display. However, the situation turned chaotic when people started bursting firecrackers randomly, disrupting traffic flow. Some even resorted to climbing on utility poles, creating a spectacle that caught the attention of both the police and the public. Despite the police being present, the situation escalated, and the display extended into the night, causing inconvenience and surprise among the general public.

Police Vehicles Also Stuck – Chaos Prevails on Roads with Long Lines of Vehicles and Firecrackers

Long lines of vehicles, heavy traffic jams, and firecrackers exploding on the footpaths became a common sight on Sindhubhavan Road. Two-wheeler riders found themselves amidst bursting bombs, adding to the chaos. The explosions occurred not only on the roads but sometimes right next to the vehicles. Efforts to control the situation were futile, with even police vehicles getting stuck in the traffic. Despite attempts to clear the roads, the chaos persisted throughout the night, leaving the local police questioning how to manage the situation.

Repeat of Last Year – Chaos Erupts Again on Sindhubhavan Road with Firecrackers

Despite the chaos caused by firecrackers on Sindhubhavan Road in the previous year, a similar situation unfolded this year as well. Numerous individuals took to the streets, blocking roads, and bursting firecrackers without regard for the inconvenience caused to others. The video footage of these incidents went viral on social media, highlighting the recurring problem. The police were seen struggling to control the situation, emphasizing the need for stricter enforcement of laws and regulations during festive seasons.

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